Lande Hekt explores her relationship with her gender in new track ‘Cut My Hair’

LANDE HEKT explores her relationship with her gender

in new track ‘Cut My Hair’:



From the album ‘House Without a View’

out digitally this Friday 23 September (07 Oct for physical)

(Prize Sunflower Records):

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UK Headline Tour announced for November

Lande Hekt is prefacing the release of her second solo album ‘House Without a View’ this Friday by releasing a final glimpse at the music within. New track ‘Cut My Hair’ is out today and it’s “all about how my relationship with my gender has changed over the last few years as I’ve become more comfortable in myself and understood more about what makes me happy,” says Lande. “It’s also about how easy it is to not talk to people when you’re struggling, which is something I did for a long time. There’s a line in there about climate change activism too.”

‘House Without a View’ will be released digitally this Friday via Lande’s new venture Prize Sunflower Records (with Get Better Records doing the honours in North America) and the physical will now follow on 07 October. As well as ‘Cut My Hair’, it features previously released singles ‘Gay Space Cadets’, resolute in its guitar driven and jangly indie rock, and ‘Backstreet Snow’ – a song written at a time when we were all stuck inside and learning to live with being isolated, not doing the things we’ve always enjoyed.

The title track of ‘House Without a View’ deals with childhood trauma and how events of our formative years “affect us so much into our adult lives and are intrinsic to our personalities and the way we cope (or don’t) with life and relationships,” says Lande. Although there’s darkness and sadness within the record, there’s also some shining beacons of positivity and a light-hearted side, albeit with a side of frustration. ‘Lola’ was written about Lande’s cat shortly after she came to live with her and her girlfriend. “She’s the first pet I’ve ever had and I wasn’t quite ready for how hard it would be to not be able to verbally communicate with her. I worried constantly that she was depressed because all she did was sleep, but my girlfriend assured me that that was regular cat behaviour.” 

Lande is currently on tour in Canada for the first time, supporting Laura Jane Grace. She’s also announced a headline tour of the UK in November.

Having crafted politically aware, heart-on-sleeve, punchy yet tender, punk-flecked songs with her band Muncie Girls, Lande turned her hand to an even more personal songwriting approach as she embarked on writing a solo record – 2021’s ‘Going to Hell’. The debut full-length documented her experience coming out as gay. It set out her stall as a solo artist with supreme storytelling abilities and a knack for understatedly luminous melodies. Lande’s music sits beautifully alongside such essential artists as The Wedding Present, The Sundays, The Replacements, Sleeper and Sharon Van Etten.

1. Half with You
2. Backstreet Snow
3. Cut My Hair
4. Gay Space Cadets
5. Always Hurt
6. House Without a View
7. Ground Shaking
8. What Could I Sell
9. Lola
10. Take a Break
11. First Girlfriend

29th – Kingston – Banquet Records in-store
7th – Bristol – The Exchange
12th – Cambridge – Blue Moon – Indiepop All-dayer
14th – London – Shacklewell Arms
16th – Brighton – The Prince Albert
17th – Oxford – Port Mahon
18th – Leeds – Wharf Chambers
20th – Manchester – Rebellion (supporting Martha)
22nd – Glasgow – Hug and Pint
23rd – Sunderland – Pop Recs
24th – Sheffield – Delicious Clam

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