LALU : ‘The Fish Who Wanted To Be King’ – new album by prog combo led by French keyboard whizz Vivien Lalu out 20.10.23 via Frontiers


new album
out 20.10.23


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The brainchild of French composer/keyboardist/producer Vivien Lalu, Lalu will release their fourth album, ‘The Fish Who Wanted To Be King’, on 29th October via Frontiers. A first single and video from it for the song ‘Is That A London Number’ are available from today.

Lalu will be accompanying their singer Damian Wilson on his ‘One Knight Only’ European tour in late October/early November, which takes in a number of shows in Germany and the Benelux. A celebration of his three decade career as a frontman, the live set will revisit songs from Wilson’s time with Lalu as well as acts such as Ayreon, Landmarq and Threshold. Further details are available HERE .

“I never make the same song twice, let alone the same album,” states Lalu. “For this new record, I wanted to approach things differently, adopting a process to more closely mirror the dynamics of a band. I began recording my ideas on synths and piano, which I then shared with my regular collaborator, Joop Wolters, who crafted the guitar and bass parts. We then gave the other group members the freedom to express their creativity, which fostered a sense of unity and cohesiveness. It was an opportunity for everyone to shine and bring their unique talents to the forefront.”

“The album concept draws inspiration from the spirit of the original pioneers of Dada, who vehemently opposed war and ridiculed the power structure of the time,”  explains Wilson. “It challenges conventional notions and delves into the realms of hierarchy, accountability and adaptability and continues the narrative from the previous Lalu album, ‘Paint The Sky’ [released in early 2022].”

Lalu was founded in 2004 and ‘The Fish Who Wanted To Be King’ is their fourth album, but the second released via Frontiers. A major step forward musically, it takes a contemporary approach to Progressive Rock and incorporates elements of Prog Metal. With a line-up that includes singer Wilson, Wolters on guitar and bass, Jelly Cardarelli on drums and keyboard duties shared with Matt Daniel, Vivien Lalu and co have created a technically flawless and emotionally touching new record that combines intricate melodies and thought-provoking lyrics with awe-inspiring performances.

1 Forever Digital
2 The Fish Who Wanted To Be King
3 Deoxyribonucleic Acid
4 Is That A London Number
5 Amnesia 1916
6 A Reversal Of Fortune
7 The Wondering Kind

Damian Wilson – vocals
Joop Wolters – guitars, bass
Vivien Lalu – keyboards
Jelly Cardarelli – drums
Matt Daniel – keyboards, Hammond Organ, piano

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