Krooked Tongue reveal second EP ‘Deathproof’ and announce UK tour dates

Krooked Tongue reveal second EP ‘Deathproof’ and announce UK tour dates

Bristol-based rock trio Krooked Tongue are pleased to announce the release of their second studio EP Deathproof, on May 5th 2023.

The EP’s previous two singles Lupines and Velociraptor were championed by the likes of Ones To Watch, Loudwire, Louder Than War Radio, Sirius XM and BBC Introducing Bristol and have seen the band go on to secure slots at festivals such as Icebreaker, Burn It Down and Estonia’s Tallinn Music Week.

Krooked Tongue burst onto the scene in 2019 with the release of their celebrated debut single ‘I Wanna Steal Your Car’. The band spent 2020 honing in on a more refined studio sound with Josh Gallop (Phoxjaw, Mother Vulture) at Stage 2 Studios in Bath, helping to replicate their formidable live act.

The result of this was their critically acclaimed debut EP ‘No Vacancy Hotel’ released in February of 2022, which has since amassed over 160,000 streams and saw support from the likes of Ones To Watch, HardBeat Magazine and Distorted Sound Mag.

Their upcoming second EP Deathproof perfectly highlights the band’s evolution; there’s a refreshed maturity to their songwriting and an evident progression in their sound. Fusing punchy, melodic bass riffs, searing lead guitar lines, thundering Seb Granger inspired drum sounds and the cool, collective swagger of Rainsford’s catchy vocals, Deathproof is without doubt their strongest work to date.

Discussing their new direction, the band state, “‘Deathproof’ as a body of work is our best to date, it’s been a gradual evolution. Like altering the DNA ever so slightly to ultimately create a more pronounced shift. It’s still our sounds and our values but the songs are progressing in a more fleshed out way. They sound better. Everything is more exciting to create each time. 2022 was our first proper year as a full fledged band and it was crazy how fulfilling it was, but this EP is the catalyst in springboarding us in a new direction of being a more refined outfit.”


Alongside the EP’s release comes its title track Deathproof which spearheads the frustration of an ever changing world with an explosive message that cries out with a big ‘fuck you’ to the everyday rhetoric and media influence.

“‘Deathproof’ is the sort of tune that feels like the climax of our newer tunes. It’s got that ‘grand finale’ energy. Lyrically, it ruminates on my outlook on the state of the world currently. Bad people disguised as good people, normal people being used and pitted against each other. The instinct to know there’s something, many things off kilter with the direction modern society is heading. I think it relates to people. If nothing else, we hope this EP helps to feed into your feelings, or helps you forget about all that noise and just enjoy the music”, explains vocalist and lyricist Oli Rainsford.


Deathproof is due for release May 5th and will be available on CD and all major platforms.




  • Oli Rainsford – Vocals, Bass
  • Dan Smith – Guitar
  • Harry Pritchard – Drums




  • Backseat Therapy
  • Velociraptor
  • Lupines
  • Deathproof


  • Highly Suspect
  • Death From Above 1979
  • Demob Happy
  • Cleopatrick


  • 14th April – Move Live, Exeter
  • 27th April – Paradiddles, Worcester
  • 29th April – The Sunflower Lounge, Worcester
  • 1st May – The Kazimier Stock Rooms, Liverpool
  • 7th May – Dareshack, Bristol
  • 12th May – Tallinn Music Festival
  • 27th May – Lechlade Music Festival


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“Singles Different Breed and Dance Like The Bull sound like Queens Of The Stone Age breaking Royal Blood out of jail and showcase a band straining at the leash” – Louder

“Krooked Tongue had a fantastic start for such a new band in 2019, their debut single ‘I Wanna Steal Your Car’ was a spotify playlist favourite and their debut U.K tour was a total success. They built a strong reputation for their incendiary live shows.” – Clunk

Whilst the EP may resonate overwhelming with the angst-consumed youths, as a debut EP it is still one many others may only gawk at in the hopes that the blueprints they’ve laid out may one day be misplaced and fall into the hands of those hoping to follow in their shadow.” – Distorted Sound Mag

“The title track closes the record by ramping up the band’s playful nature while systematically breaking down defenses with its sharp melody and harder, punchier grooves. Guitar solos weave through the mosh-inducing song, making it the perfect finale for any live performance.” – Ones To Watch

“This is another fine example of British rock music setting itself on a pedestal against the rest of the world.” – HardBeat Magazine