Kasabian // Live Review // The Telegraph Building // Belfast

Leicester rockers Kasabian land in Belfast tonight at one of our quirkier venues, The Telegraph Building. Formerly the home of Norn Iron’s biggest daily read “The Belfast Telegraph” and now an empty shell venue for rockers, DJ’s and pop queens who need a mid-sized venue to ply their trade. 

Tonight we rock! Kasabian was formed back in 1997 by lead vocalist Tom Meighan, Sergio Pizzorno and friends, The guys were living their best lives between 2010 to 2018 pre pandemic picking up awards left, right and centre and they have made their mark on British rock for sure. Seven studio albums with their latest offering The Alchemist’s Euphoria released back in August courtesy of Sony Music and the first from the band in five years, the album is the first to feature Sergio Pizzorno on lead vocals after the departure of Meighan back in 2020.  Brit rock at its best Kasabian has been turning heads now for over two decades so it’ll be great to see them for myself in the flesh, with such a great reputation as a live band worthy of headlining Glastonbury back in 2014, do the guys still have the swagger? Let’s find out. 

9 pm and the lights drop to a roar from the Belfast crowd, a pulsating rhythm beats out from the PA above and gradually the guys hit the stage. The solo beat of a snare drum kicks off the set as the Belfast crowd and Sergio hits the front of the stage, that swagger … it’s in abundance as he commands the Telegraph Building to bounce to the rapid-fire lyrics he spits out at them. 

Like a conductor, he orchestrates the crowd to his will and they happily oblige! Full voice beating out the catchy chorus for xxx track no 2 big hit – The Telegraph Building is rocking! The strobes are going and the crowd is pumped – the classic tracks and interwoven with new songs from The Alchemists Euphoria and every single song is being gobbled up by the masses. Singing in unison Kasabian deliver a massive anthemic sound that resonates across the city. Song 4 big hit again 

Sergio in between songs is whipping the Belfast crowd up into a frenzy, not that they need much encouragement, the appetite for Kasabian is clear, five years from their last album the thirst for new music and a return to Belfast has been something this crowd has wanted for some time. Musically the band sound great and Sergio having taken over the frontman role vacated by Tom looks more than at ease, he’s absolutely nailing it! 

A banging set from start to finish Kasabian brought their A-game tonight with a set pack with classic tracks, fan favourites and a party atmosphere that has The Telegraph Building bouncing.


Photography: Ebony Alexander 




Rocket Fuel


Ill Ray 



Eez-Eh / Psycho / One More Time 

Shoot The Runner 

Space Waltz 



Pinch Roller 




Acid House