17-year-old Junior Andre fuelled fan fervour with the teaser for his debut single ‘Slide’, which has already generated 1.1 million views. It fired his social media following in excess of 850,000 followers, while his TikTok is on fire with a total of 1.6 million likes and 20 million views to date, while his visit to the Binley Mega Chippy picked up 2 million views and 250,000likes overnight. Now the day has come for Junior to unleash the full version of ‘Slide’ upon the world and immediately set his status as a future pop star. Listen HERE. Watch the official video HERE.

‘Slide’ is an ice cold slice of hook-laden, summer-ready R&B with an expansive pop edge, his personality shining through every line he sings. Junior co-wrote ‘Slide’ with Marcello Spooks. It was inspired by a relationship in which even the negative became positives, the prime example being the lyric “sexy even we fight.”

Junior says, “‘Slide’ is about finding a girl who is good for you. Someone I can rely on. You’re willing to take the risk for her because she’s different, but at the same time she doesn’t know exactly what she wants.”

Junior’s star quality shines through in the accompanying video for ‘Slide’, which shows Junior and his crew working hard in the studio and getting into the party spirit during their downtime. Between his energising dance moves and his magnetic personality, it’s clear that he’s a natural in front of the camera. The ‘Slide’ video was directed by Rosie Matheson, whose previous credits include ArrDee, Pa Salieu and Yxng Bane.

Surrounded by music growing up and inspired by his Greek-Cypriot heritage, Junior gravitated towards the big hitters of the ‘90s – Mariah CareyWhitney Houston and Michael Jackson – and constantly broadened his tastes to include Drake, Kendrick Lamar and Bruno Mars, and then current wave stars DaveAJ Tracey and Koffee.

While a passion for music has always been in Junior’s blood, he had never really thought about becoming an artist. But that all changed when he visited Rebel Studios (home to Rebel Records) in west London with the vague idea that he could hop in the booth if the mood took him. He instantly felt at home and befriended songwriter and artist Marcello Spooks, who happened to be working in the studio that same day. By the time he left, Junior already had a track under his belt and had unknowingly started a journey that would lead to him signing a deal with Columbia Records in partnership with Rebel Records.

Junior has spent months in the studio putting together a catalogue of top tier songs. What he created touches on R&B and pop, all united by Junior’s sun-kissed summer vibes and confident charisma. Expect to hear even bigger things from him soon.

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