Jack J Hutchinson unleashes a brand new studio recording’ Days Of Thunder’, taken from his new 4 track ‘What Doesn’t Kill You’ EP mixed by legendary producer Kevin Shirley. It is his first new studio recording since his critically acclaimed album ‘The Hammer Falls’ which was released earlier this year. The EP is due for release September 2 and can be ordered via Eyesore Merch HERE.

The new song is a three-minute slab of up-tempo hard rock that hits the high gear from the off. Hutchinson’s trademark northern raspy vocals are present, a guitar solo that twists and turns before accelerating into the track’s final fist-pumping chorus along with a striking video by Neil Collins Films.

The pace of the song is reflective of how it was written and recorded. Hutchinson comments: “I got a message from Kevin Shirley at about 3am saying he was available to mix an extra track for the EP. We’d already done three songs, but I had nothing prepared and we were due to set off on tour two days later…” Always up for a challenge he goes on, “I thought fuck it. These opportunities don’t come around often. So later that morning I booked the band into Anchor Baby Studios in Kent on a wing and a prayer.”

“Call it divine intervention or whatever, but I just picked up my Les Paul and wrote the song that morning. A few hours later we were in the studio, recording it. I was actually still writing the lyrics in between takes, and emailed the tracks over to Kevin in Australia for him to mix it.” Laughs Jack, “I’ve never worked so quickly in my life, but within 48 hours we had a brand new track mixed by a bona-fide musical hero to many. It was insane, but well worth it.”

Expanding on what it was like to be given the opportunity to work with the producer of bands including Led Zeppelin, Iron Maiden and The Black Crowes, Hutchinson says: “There is a ‘realness’ to the sound that Kevin creates that actually feels like you are in the same room as the band. I think we are so used to rock music being auto-tuned and polished within an inch of its life that there is something quite striking about his approach to mixing.”

Paired with the EP is Hutchinson’s first ever DVD, which includes behind the scenes footage of the recording, plus the recent video ‘What Doesn’t Kill You’ which was filmed in the old prison cells of The Island, Bristol. Also included are 5 music videos from ‘The Hammer Falls’.

Explaining the accompanying DVD, Hutchinson says: “The DVD acts as a nice companion piece to the new EP and my last studio album. When I was growing up I used to love those deluxe albums by artists like Paul Weller and Oasis where the set also included a DVD containing behind the scenes footage and a bunch of videos. It felt like a way of giving fans that extra bit of insight into the recording process. I should say no musicians were harmed in the making of it.”

This summer saw the heavy blues-rock axe slinger play his first USA solo shows at the world renowned NAMM festival in Southern California. Later this year he will play a run of UK dates in support of the EP, featuring new venues he has not played before. He will be joined by an exciting brand new band of the talents Phil Wilson (Sari Schorr, Bernie Marsden) on drums and Charlie Rachael Kay (Ashley Sherlock) on bass duties. Always serving up an engaging live show, the tour will prove to be a highlight of the year for gig-goers.





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