IXION – French Atmospheric Doom Collective Unveil “The Laws Of Life” Video

IXION – French Atmospheric Doom Collective Unveil “The Laws Of Life” Video

Arriving this Friday, June 14th via Finisterian Dead End/Season of Mist“Restriction” is the second chapter of French atmospheric doom collective IXION forthcoming fifth studio album “Evolution”, due out in late October.

Divided between three parts, “Evolution” is a natural successor to “L’Adieu aux Etoiles”, delivering an enthralling blend of progressive metal and melancholic and atmospheric doom. Across these three parts, IXION tell a concept and fictional story about the evolution of mankind and the interrelation with androids.

The first chapter, “Extinction” was released in April and questions how humanity will struggle with mortality in a world where android technology is rapidly growing and dominating.
Now the second part, “Restriction,” takes listeners on a sci-fi, electronic and ambient doom-metal exploration that soundtracks a plot where​ androids seek to emancipate themselves from the laws that rule them, getting closer to humans and their feelings…

Watch “The Laws of Life” music video here.

Originally formed in 2004 as a solo project by main composer and multi-instrumentalist Julien Prat, IXION have carved out a special place within the doom scene, with their singular blend of ambient/electronic music and atmospheric doom metal, drawing inspiration from science-fiction.