Italian metalcore crew Waves in Autumn unveil ‘Burning Season’

The hills of Bergamo in Northern Italy are a powerful setting to be enveloped by the beauty and power of nature. On their new EP Burning Season, metalcore quintet Waves in Autumn explore the corrosive effect of humankind on both the planet and each other, presenting vivid and expressive storytelling against the backdrop of scintillating riffs and skull-crushing breakdowns.

Accompanying the release, the heavy quintet have premiered a new music video, “Firedusk”. Watch HERE.

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Speaking about the new releases, the band’s Davide Cavaioli reveals: “‘Burning Season’ is our attempt to put the burning feeling of self-redemption into music, an opportunity to enlighten your path.”

Cavaioli continues: “This fire within us is nothing but our conscience, something that can be awakened by a simple conversation, phrase, or word that we, at times, can say to help others. We easily forget about this power, but remembering it can help us achieve our noblest goals.”


Having earned over 600K streams with their body of work so far, Waves in Autumn are far from a hidden gem. The band’s thunderous brand of modern heavy is parlayed with opulent instrument and a frank vocal delivery, making for a soundscape dripping with atmosphere and unerringly accessible.

New EP Burning Season tackles a range of issues from mental health to ambition, with Waves in Autumn’s overarching message one championing both nature and nurture. The band’s collaborative designs can be seen throughout the record, guest features from Ready, Set, Fall’s Christopher Volpi and Milan post-hardcore crew As Hikari bringing fellow members of the buoyant Italian heavy seen to the fore.

Mixed and mastered by Lance Prenc (Polaris, Alpha Wolf, Thornhill), Burning Season treads the line between metalcore and post-hardcore, with the band utilizing a dizzying amalgam of tenacious breakdowns, immersive melodies and potent riffs. Amidst the technical prowess, Waves in Autumn stand firm with their narrative, a troubling but hopeful outlook at our treatment of the environment and each other.


Waves in Autumn is:
Maicol Farina
David Farina
Ronny Panza
Davide Cavaioli
Lorenzo Airoldi