Irish progressive metal force NEBULARIS release new single ‘Subnautica’, out now

Irish progressive metal force NEBULARIS release new single ‘Subnautica’, out now.

Friday, May 19th – ‘Subnautica’ official video/single release.
Listen here. Watch official video here.
Video by Very Metal Art.
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Hailing from the Irish capital, Nebularis is a three-piece Technical Metal project that encapsulates the essence of Sci-Fi, cinematic film scores, with powerhouse progressive arrangements that exceed expectations.

The bands debut single, Cataclysm’ is a precursor to their full-length album, currently getting the finishing touches by engineer/producer/musician Ben Wanders [The Enigma Division].

Following the welcoming introduction to the bands debut single in April, Nebularis continue to push the boundaries of expectations with the their latest single, ‘Subnautica’, which flows seamlessly in line with futuristic concept linked to ‘Cataclysm’.

Speaking of ‘Subnauticia’, guitarist Mó Sheerin says: “The intergenerational crew of the colony-ship Sigma have awakened to a harsh reality. The ship’s navigational system Voyager has foreseen the need to refuel, and has chartered a course to a suitable celestial body. Upon awakening, the initial euphoria of reaching a possibly habitable world is crushed; the planet is an ocean world with no land in sight!”

‘Subnautica’ is the second single from Nebularis and is taken from a full-length album which will be released later this year.

ICYMI: Watch the official video for ‘Cataclysm’ here.

Nebularis are:
Vocals: Hytham Martin
Guitars: Mó Sheerin
Drums: Damian Dziennik
Session Bass by Terry McHugh