King Cedar

New Single ‘’Songbird On The Gray Hill’ – Out 17th February

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King Cedar’s debut album ‘Everything More, & Other Stories’ Released on 24th March

Bangor, County Down based folk songwriter, King Cedar (Stephen Macartney) is pleased to announce the release of his new single ‘Songbird On The Gray Hill’, the first single from King Cedar’s debut album ‘Everything More, & Other Stories ‘, due for release on 24th March.

“Songbird On The Gray Hill was written for a friend of mine, who was in hospital and needed cheering up. She’d broken her arm pretty bad, so I sent her the song in a little voicemail on my phone, and I think it worked,” says Macartney.

“The song was recorded in September ‘18, in a house on a mountain, somewhere in Montana. We found this old 1940s Recording King in the basement, and it just played so beautifully. It was a magical time on that mountain, so much joy and creativity. It really felt like the perfect moment to record Songbird.”

King Cedar is the moniker of Stephen Macartney, a folk songwriter based in Bangor, County Down. Known for his alt-folk band Farriers, who had critical and commercial success with their album ‘Years Ago in Our Back Yard’, Macartney started King Cedar in 2015.

King Cedar’s debut EP ‘The Hard Luck Anodyne’ was released in 2018. It was a chance meeting with a group of musicians from Los Angeles, visiting Fealty’s Back Bar Sessions in Bangor, which Macartney founded and hosts, that led him to California.

King Cedar’s debut album ‘Everything More, & Other Stories’ was recorded and produced with Grammy Award winner Andre De Santanna in Los Angeles. It is set for release on March 24th.

‘Songbird On The Gray Hill’ is out now.