Introducing: Epiphone Power Players: Your First Forever Guitar


Epiphone Power Players: Your First Forever Guitar

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All-new guitars feature iconic and legendary Les Paul and SG body shapes with high quality build, sound and features


Epiphone Power Players Are youth-sized, easy-to-play and an ideal learning guitar

Above: the Epiphone Power Players SG guitar in Lava Red.

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Inspired by the storied Gibson Originals, the new Epiphone Power Players Les Paul and SG are elevated, premium beginner guitars with unmatched features and quality.


Epiphone the leading innovator and accessible brand for every stage, presents the all-new Epiphone Power Players™ collection. The Epiphone Power Players collection offers classic Gibson Les Paul and SG guitar shapes in a high-quality, youth-sized guitarthat is easy-to-play and an ideal learning or traveling guitar. All Epiphone Power Players Les Paul and SG’s are accessorised with a guitar strap, cable and picks, and a gig bag. The Epiphone Power Players™ are available worldwide through authorised Epiphone dealers.

“The Epiphone Power Players Les Paul and SG is designed to be the solution for beginning youth musicians, parents, and music teachers to kickstart a guitar playing journey–the first forever guitar!” says Krista Gilley, Director of Brands at Gibson Brands“The challenge was to solve for the earliest stage of playing–Epiphone’s First Stage–by building confidence for youth players with a product that is tailored to them in size and playability, while offering the thrill of playing the same iconic Gibson guitar body shapes they recognize their favorite artists play on the biggest stages around the world. Next, we solved the need for a high-quality and reliable beginning guitar that parents can trust in and provided a solution for music teachers to offer an accessible Gibson Brands guitar to support their lessons and product recommendations. From the Gibson Labs, we are excited to introduce the Epiphone Power Players Collection to solve an array of needs in the market and inspire young guitarists everywhere.”

Epiphone is proud to debut the first-ever youth-sized guitar collection, the Epiphone Power Players™. Tested and approved by music teachers, the all-new Epiphone Power Players™ is a quality built ¾+ sized version of Gibson’s iconic Les Paul and SG guitar shapes. Teachers and parents can purchase the all-new Epiphone Power Players collection knowing they’re high-quality Epiphone guitars, with better sound and playability, that will inspire and build confidence in new players, keeping them more engaged as they learn the instrument.

Explore the full Epiphone Power Players Les Paul and SG collection, HERE.

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Above: The Epiphone Power Players Collection (L-R) SG and Les Paul in Ice Blue and Lava Red.


Epiphone Power Players Les Paul and SG:

The Epiphone Power Players Les Paul is a 3/4+ version inspired by the legendary Gibson Les Paul shape. The Epiphone Power Players Les Paul has a 22.73” scale length and a slightly smaller mahogany body making it light, easy to play and an excellent choice for younger players. For more experienced players, the Epiphone Power Players Les Paul is an excellent travel guitar for the road. The guitar sounds better and stays in tune longer than any other “student model” guitars due to its high-quality components and superb build quality. The bolt-on mahogany neck has a sculpted heel for improved upper fret access, and it is powered by a pair of authentic Epiphone humbuckers for rich, full Les Paul sound.

The Epiphone Power Players SG is a trimmed-down version of the legendary Gibson SG with a 22.73” scale length and slightly smaller body, making it an excellent choice for younger players, yet this guitar is not a toy. The Power Player SG is a solid travel guitar for the road, and it’s powered by a pair of Epiphone 650R and 700T ceramic humbuckers for a rich, and full and unmistakable SG sound.

Every Epiphone Power Players Les Paul and SG package comes well-equipped with a gig bag, strap, picks, and a guitar cable. The Epiphone Power Players Les Paul and SG are available everywhere in an Ice Blue and Lava Red finish, a Dark Matter Ebony finish in both the Les Paul and SG is available exclusively on  

Above: a student learns guitar on the new Epiphone Power Players Les Paul in Lava Red.

Above: (L-R) compare the full-size Gibson Les Paul in Gold, next to the Epiphone Power Players Les Paul in Lava Red.

Above: all Epiphone Power Players Les Paul and SG’s are accessorised with gig bag, a guitar strap, picks, and a cable.

Above: The Epiphone Power Players Les Paul in Ice Blue.

Above: The Epiphone Power Players SG in Lava Red.






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