iNTeRNeT FReNDz Release New Single “Achilles Heel”


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“Achilles Heel”

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iT’S a SeCReT

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June 7, 2024 – Today, pop punk duo iNTeRNeT FReNDz have shared their newest single “Achilles Heel” off of their upcoming EP iT’S a SeCReT. The new track finds iNTeRNeT FReNDz at their best – leaning into the nostalgic sound of mid-2000’s pop punk and bringing it into the modern day.

Fans can stream “Achilles Heel” now at

iNTeRNeT FReNDz recently announced their debut EP iT’S a SeCReT, due for release on June 26. Produced by Matt Squire (Underoath, Panic! At The Disco, Sum 41), the new EP welcomes iNTeRNeT FReNDz to the scene with a bang with four anthemic pop punk tracks – including previously-released singles “Warning Signs”, “Forever”, and “So Obvious” – featuring soaring vocals courtesy of Michael Swank and earworm guitar riffs from Rossy Burr.

So, WHaT’S The SToRY???

In March of 2020, Rossy Burr left his Los Angeles home to embark on an extremely overpriced Uber ride to LAX. The mission was simple… Fly back to London, visit the US embassy, renew his US visa for three more years and fly home to Los Angeles one week later. But, the day after Rossy landed in the UK, the pandemic started and all of the U.S Embassies and airlines worldwide shut down for the foreseeable future. With no way home and equipped with only one carry on suitcase that contained just 6 pairs of underwear, Rossy was forced to move back into his childhood bedroom at his parents’ house and wait for the situation to blow over. Over the next four weeks, the restrictions only got tighter, so he began digging through his childhood belongings under the bed and found his first guitar. A very rusty, out of tune, black and white squire Strat that hadn’t been touched in over 20 years.

Just to amuse himself and pass the time, Rossy fired up Ableton, wrote a song and went to bed. The next day, he woke up, made himself a bland UK breakfast and wrote another song. By the third song on the third day, he was hooked! He became so obsessed with writing songs that by the end of 2020, he ended up leaving his 14-year career as an artist manager and record label owner in pursuit of his first love OF performing and writing music. Armed with over 100 songs and the same 6 pairs of underwear he flew to England with (don’t worry, there was a washing machine!) Rossy set out to find the right front person for the band. After another 18 months of writing and mindlessly scrolling through singers on Tik Tok, Michael Swank’s angelic voice appeared on his FYP and iNTeRNeT FReNDz was born.

When the world opened back up in the late stages of 2022, Rossy flew over to Austin, Texas to meet and record demos with Michael. There was so much magic in the recording sessions that they decided to document everything they wrote and recorded in Michael’s guest bedroom on an old Sony handy cam. After flying home, Rossy and Michael emailed their demos around to some of their favorite producers – Matt Squire and Courtney Ballard – who were both gracious enough to see the potential in their band and agreed to work with them.

Over the second half of 2023, the boys got to work! If they weren’t recording with Matt or Courtney, Rossy would be producing music videos whilst Michael was growing their Tik Tok account in preparation for their first release.

iNTerNeT FReNDz has now amassed over 28,000 Tik Tok followers in 6 months without releasing a single song and the campaign has officially started! But don’t tell anyone, because iT’S a SeCReT…


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