Inhaler Make A Glorious Return Headlining Belfast’s Ulster Hall w/ Post Party In Support

In the heart of Belfast, the historic Ulster Hall played host to a night of pulsating energy and musical brilliance as Irish indie-rock sensation Inhaler made their triumphant return to the stage. The atmosphere was electric, the crowd buzzing with excitement, and the venue brimming with the promise of a night to remember. This was more than just a concert; it was a celebration of Inhaler’s meteoric rise and a testament to the enduring spirit of the Irish indie rock scene.

Formed in Dublin in 2012, Inhaler consists of lead vocalist and guitarist Elijah Hewson, bassist Robert Keating, guitarist Josh Jenkinson, and drummer Ryan McMahon. The band’s name itself is a nod to Hewson’s asthmatic condition, but their music is anything but restrained. Drawing inspiration from iconic bands like U2 and Joy Division, Inhaler quickly carved out a niche for themselves in the indie-rock scene.

Their debut single, “I Want You,” released in 2017, introduced their dynamic sound, blending infectious melodies with introspective lyrics. Since then, Inhaler has garnered a dedicated fan base, capturing the hearts of music enthusiasts across the globe. We have been here before, Inhaler hosting back to back nights at The Limelight in Belfast, supporting The Kings of Leon at The SSE and everytime, and I do mean everytime the seismic shift with each and every gig was palpable as their fanbase grew beyond comprehension!

Up first fellow Irish indie-rockers Post-Party who recently released their debut EP ‘We’re Not Getting Any Younger’ formed in 2018 these young whipper-snappers are building up quite the reputation around Ireland and beyond, their performance was tight and packed with highly addictive earworms that were delivered with passion and precision, a band well beyond their years and one to watch for sure, no doubt the addition to the bill this evening with Inhaler will open up a brand new army of fans whose thirst for this genre seems insatiable. A great introduction for me and a band that I will certainly have to keep an eye on moving forward, much like other young Irish bands like modernlove. Etc, we are very fortunate to have a well filled with quality bands ready to take over the mantle from the established bands who have dominated the airwaves for so many years. Well played lads.

Post Party



For Inhaler, headlining the Ulster Hall marked a significant milestone in their journey. The venue, steeped in history and echoing with the ghosts of legendary performances, provided the perfect backdrop for the band’s return to the limelight. The Ulster Hall has long been a revered stage for musicians, and Inhaler’s presence added another illustrious chapter to its storied legacy.

As the lights dimmed and the opening chords reverberated through the hall, there was an electric energy in the air. The crowd, a sea of eager faces, erupted into deafening cheers as Inhaler took the stage, ready to deliver a set that would etch itself into the memories of those lucky enough to witness it.

An army of fans screaming like it was the return of The Beatles is a sight to see, and a great sight at that, clearly the passion for homegrown talent has not waned on the island of Ireland and our love and devotion for true raw talent, will never waiver.

The lads open up with ‘These Are The Days’ sending the crowd wild, Inhaler’s setlist was a carefully curated journey through their discography, featuring hits from their debut album “It Won’t Always Be Like This.” Songs like “Cheer Up Baby” and “My Honest Face” had the crowd singing along with fervor, while slower, more introspective tracks like “A Night on the Floor” showcased the band’s versatility and maturity.

The chemistry between the band members was palpable, each member contributing to the sonic tapestry that enveloped the Ulster Hall. Elijah Hewson’s distinctive vocals soared, resonating through the venue and captivating the audience. The combination of Josh Jenkinson’s intricate guitar work, Robert Keating’s pulsating basslines, and Ryan McMahon’s powerful drumming created a sonic landscape that transcended the confines of the hall.

What set this performance apart was not just the music, but the palpable connection between the band and their audience. The Ulster Hall pulsed with an infectious energy, a collective enthusiasm that transcended the stage. Fans, old and new, were united by a shared love for Inhaler’s music, creating an atmosphere of camaraderie and celebration. There is a tsunami of a wave around this band at present that does not seem to faulter, building year on year and with youth on their side it isn’t hard to imagine the great heights achievable by these talented young lads. How their sound will develop

As the final chords of their encore resonated through the hall, it was evident that Inhaler had not just performed a concert but crafted an experience. The Ulster Hall, witness to countless iconic performances, had once again played host to a night that would be etched in the annals of music history.

Inhaler’s glorious return to headline Belfast’s Ulster Hall was more than a concert; it was a homecoming, a celebration of music, and a testament to the enduring power of Irish indie rock. As the echoes of their performance lingered in the air, it was clear that Inhaler had not only met but exceeded the expectations of their fans, leaving an indelible mark on the storied venue and further solidifying their place in the pantheon of great indie-rock bands. The night was a triumph, a chapter in the ongoing saga of Inhaler’s musical journey, and a promise of more to come from this extraordinary Irish quartet.

Photography: Darren McVeigh