IGNITED Launch Title Track from “Cradle of the Wicked”

IGNITED Launch Title Track from Cradle of the Wicked

Stockholm-based heavy metal band IGNITED has posted the video for “Cradle of the Wicked,” the title track and third single from their upcoming new album.

Watch the video for “Cradle of the Wicked” at youtu.be/MVTd4q66O08

Stream the song at found.ee/cradle-of-the-wicked-single

Guitarist Dalton Castro details the concept behind “Cradle of the Wicked.”

“This song delves into the human capacity to embrace their worst selves online, in a space where digital impulses and anonymity are intertwined, revealing the darkest facets of human behavior in today’s world. Like distorting history and facts, fostering a culture of general denial, and utilizing humiliation as a tool for self-empowerment, particularly against those who share genuine knowledge. The title serves as an inspiration for individuals with such behavior, who appear to be multiplying every day, becoming increasingly psychologically violent and beastly just for their own pleasure.”

Watch the video for the album’s first single “Bloody Satisfied” at youtu.be/_fhpDEScaYM?si=Q4EhfphN8RyACbnR

Watch the video for “Uncontrollable” at youtu.be/RDavkPL5LHk?si=OG2J9lEu8AFkP7aX

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Cradle of the Wicked is set for release on October 27. Pre-save the album at https://found.ee/cradle-of-the-wicked

Cradle of the Wicked track listing:

1) Cradle of the Wicked

2) The Overflow

3) At the Damned’s Hall

4) Bloody Satisfied

5) Uncontrollable

6) The Sewer Lords

7) Life Goes By

8) Nightshift

9) Tearing Down the Walls

10) Abyss of Fear

Cradle of the Wicked was recorded, produced, engineered, mixed, and mastered at Studio Fredman in Gothenburg, Sweden by Fredrik Nordström. Additional engineering and edits by Robert Kukla. Songwriting on Cradle of the Wicked by Dalton Castro, Martin Bellucci, Maurício Velasco. The album was recorded in August 2022.

IGNITED was born in Brazil and is now based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Band photo by Catia Weber


Denis Lima – Vocals (Brazil)

Dalton Castro – Guitars (Stockholm – Sweden)

Martin Bellucci – Bass (London – UK)

Maurício Velasco – Drums (Brazil)

Website: www.ignitedmetal.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/ignited_official

Facebook: www.facebook.com/ignitedofficialband

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