Idiot Robot Announce Full-length Anti Pop Culture, ‘Colours And Sounds’ Out Now

Idiot Robot Announce Full-length Anti Pop Culture, ‘Colours And Sounds’ Out Now

Listen to ‘Colours and Sounds’ Here
While preparing to unveil their guitar-driven offering that draws from the length and breadth of rock subgenres, Idiot Robot have released the new single ‘Colors and Sounds’. Fuelled with overdriven riffs, catchy vocal hooks and an early 00s grunge edge, the forthcoming full-length Anti Pop Culture will land on the 15th March 2024.

Clint Listing describes the sound explored on the upcoming 14-track release: “think old Sub Pop, SST Records and Matador Records – this is our love of bands like Sugar, Screaming Trees, Mudhoney, Pavement and Husker Du”. Explaining the lyrical influences Listing continues, “the styles and themes of the album are written on our sleeves: Heart Break, Angst, Reflection, Wonder and Chaos.”

About Idiot Robot: 
Based out of Tampa, Florida, the duo comprised of Ryan Michalski and Clint Listing have been creating music for over 30 years. Their sound draws from the attitude and raw nature of punk, the melodies of indie/ alternative rock and the powerful rhythms of heavy metal, along with some aspects of harsh noise.

The duo released their self-titled debut album in September 2020, containing a sound in a style they termed ‘Death Pop’ – a mixture of metal and indie rock. This was followed by a demo track release in June of 2022. Their sophomore album Anti Pop Culture lands on ​the 15th March 2024.

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Idiot Robot is:
Clint Listing- Voice, Guitar, Bass
Ryan Michalski- Voice, Guitar, Bass, Synth, Drums

Recorded in Tampa Fl at RPM studios between 2022 to Mid- 2023.


Anti Pop Culture Track Listing:
1. Colors and Sounds
2. Between the Lines
3. When Angels Cry
4. Waiting Around
5. Never Again
6. Why Must I
7. Say It
8. Stop
9. For Centuries
10. Gonna Cry
11. Never
12. Dad & Mom
13. One Night
14. I Survived