HYRGAL release video for new track ‘Nihil Est’

HYRGAL release video for new track ‘Nihil Est’

The French extreme metal stalwarts of HYRGAL have now released a video for their recently released track ‘Nihil Est’.

The video can be seen on the official Hyrgal YouTube channel HERE. The link may be freely spread throughout your channels.

Hyrgal - Nihil Est (official video) 2023

HYRGAL are about to unleash aural assault on French soil tomorrow, November 23rd! Together with support acts MIASMES and RÄUM, the crusade will see performances in Caen, Dunkirk, Lille and Paris! A full list of confirmed shows can be found below.

HYRGAL comments on the run:

“!!! ASSAULT!!!

We will be coming to celebrate the Great Death in the Northern Lands in November on this FUNERAL WEAPONS TOUR 2023.We will be accompanied by our brothers in arms from Miasmes and RÄUM!





23 Nov 2023 – Caen  @The Way (+RAVN)

24 Nov 2023 – Dunkirk @Brasserie Osseus

25 Nov 2023 – Lille @The Bratcave

26 Nov 2023 – Paris @The Club

HYRGAL will be playing in support of their latest EP ‘Sessions Funéraires : Anno MMXXIII’ which was released on April 7, 2023. The cover artwork and further EP details can be found below.


1. Deuil Éclair (3:52)

2. Phalanges Assassines (4:01)

3. Épique spleen (4:19)

4. Gorge Blanche / Surin Noir (4:22)

5. 炎が秒を貪り⻝⾷食う場所 (Honō ga byō o musabori kuu basho) (3:35)

6. Dark Endless (Marduk Cover) (4:03)

Total: 24:02

Formed in 2007, HYRGAL is an Extreme Metal band from France. Their name comes from nordic mythology and is the contraction of two runes, Tyr (god of victory, fire and fair war) and Hagalaz (hail). After some demos and local concerts, Hyrgal released their first album ‘Serpentine’ in 2017 on Naturmacht Productions and shortly after started to work with Les Acteurs de l’Ombre Productions for all next releases: ‘Fin de Règne’ (2020), ‘Hyrgal’ (2022) and ‘Sessions Funéraires: Anno MMXXIII’ (2023).

HYRGAL is reputed for their complex music, deep lyrics and extreme vision of life. Blending Death metal, Black metal and Dark Ambient elements, Hyrgal continue their crusade against the intransigent world, like a portal to inner liberation.

Style: Extreme Black Metal

Line up:

Clément Flandrois (ex-Svart Crown): vocals/guitar

Mathias Nagy (Gorgon, Havor): guitar

Alexis Chiambretto (Unholdun, Deveikuth): bass

Rémi Serafino (ex-Svart Crown, ex-Dissident): drums

Recorded and produced: Studio de La Crypte (FR)

Mix & master: Hyrgal, Studio de La Crypte (FR)

Cover: Hyrgal