Genre-blurring provocateurs HOLY WARS are thrilled to announce the forthcoming release of their latest EP, “CULT CLASSIC” on November 10th via Pale Chord Records. Pushing boundaries and defying labels, the ” CULT CLASSIC EP serves as the next chapter in their fearless journey. Fans can pre-save the upcoming EP HERE.

CULT CLASSIC” a 5 song slasher of venomous assault.

CULT CLASSIC” sends you into an electrifying odyssey of raw emotion and unrelenting force. From the standout prowess of tracks like “Deus Ex Machina,” “BODY//TEMPLE,” and title track “CULT CLASSIC“, listeners are launched into a tumultuous sonic realm, where ever-shifting tempos, indelible riffs, infectious lyrics, and haunting melodies fuse into a world of distorted beauty. Thematically, this EP pays homage to the cult horror classics but with a twist: the true terror resides not in external monsters, but within—the God of the machine, the mind itself.

Among these gems, “VenoM” exudes a defiant charisma, poised for confrontation, while ” TENSION//RELEASE” unveils a hidden layer of depth, threading themes of depression and grief beneath its fabric, providing a breath of fresh air into the EP’s intense composition.

Speaking on the EP announcement, vocalist Kat Leon shares: Making this EP was a fun and intrusive experience. I wanted to pose the question of what if the horror aka “the monster” was actually inside us? In most thrillers, the monster is an external enemy but in this body of music I really wanted to lean into the internal enemy but also acknowledge how this internal enemy is influenced by our external world and what we are made to feel about ourselves and about others. Cult classic is the climax track revealing the true enemy – the unattainable ideology of what it takes to thrive in a society that is holding each individual under its thumb. I hope this EP and every song displaying the internal struggle of the self, empowers the listener and allows them to have the freedom to unplug and let go of the ever-powerful ego.”

Sonically, the “CULT CLASSIC” EP lands with the force of a gut punch, melding the eclectic influences of alternative rock, nu metal, hip hop, punk, and pop blurring the lines into a heady concoction with precise intention. Woven within the tapestry of this EP are lyrics that map out a personal voyage—a trek through the self, the ego, and the projections that intertwine with a restless, aggressive psyche.

Nick Perez’s deft guitar work and masterfully raw production deliver a sonic landscape that demands replay, teasing nuances and subtleties that may have initially slipped by. Kat Leon ‘s lyrical and vocal prowess strikes at the core with venomous assault that oscillates from intimate whispers to thunderous screams.

Their two previous singles, “BODY//TEMPLE” and “Deus Ex Machina are a testament to their unrelenting creative spirit and mark the first of many HOLY WARS releases via their brand new label home, Pale Chord , where they join an impressive roster of fellow groundbreaking artists such as Spiritbox, Harper and Thousand Below. These pivotal milestones only further the band’s incessantly gaining momentum garnered from their authentic, DIY approach, which has already yielded nearly 10 million global streams and 700,000 YouTube views across their total catalogue.

Armed with their unpredictable sound, provocative artistry, and the strength of their new label, HOLY WARS continue to defy genres and blow minds. Embrace the weird and stay tuned for more from these sonic shapeshifters soon.

Holy Wars Track Listing
Deus Ex Machina


Los Angeles based duo HOLY WARS , composed of Kat Leon (Vocals) and Nick Perez (Guitars/Production), have a unique and constantly evolving sound that fuses an infectious medley of genres, packed with attitude and lyrical finesse. Newly signed to Pale Chord via BMG, HOLY WARS are excited to usher in a new era of ambitious music starting with new single “ Deus Ex Machina”.

Recorded music aside, HOLY WARS ’ live shows are an electrifying breeding ground that converts any first timer to a lifelong fan. HOLY WARS take every opportunity to feed off the energy of the crowd and use it to amplify Leon’s charismatic and fearless stage presence which has since allowed them to win over a wide range of audiences. It is no surprise that the band’s high-intensity live performances have led the group to share the stage alongside legendary groups such as Coheed and Cambria, Alkaline Trio, and Papa Roach, to the next generation of up and coming rock artists including The Warning and Scene Queen.

HOLY WARS hit the festival circuit for the first time, gracing the main stages at Welcome To Rockville, Sonic Temple and Louder Than Life while evaporating the DWP Presents stage at Aftershock, as well as So What?! and Furnace Fest.