Hollow Front discuss trials & tribulations on new era of UNFD Podcast

discuss trials & tribulations of band life
on new era of UNFD Podcast 

Heavyweight independent record label, UNFD (home to Stray From The PathSilversteinERRA, Yours Truly and more), will once again hand the mic to their bands to narrate their own story. A new era of the UNFD Podcast is here, with each new monthly episode featuring UNFD artists discussing their work and their journey along the way; from origin tales and humble beginnings, to the writing and recording process of new records, seminal albums, and much more!

In the first of this new series of exclusive band-led podcasts, Tyler and Lee from Hollow Front discuss the writing and recording of new album, ‘The Fear Of Letting Go’. They also take time to discuss how the band formed, reflect on the trials and tribulations of a challenging year, and reveal what’s in store for the future.

UNFD is an artist-focused independent record label founded in Melbourne, Australia, with offices all over the world.

They work with inspiring artists across the broad spectrum of heavy music, and the company’s shared values of innovation, teamwork and dedication are reflected in those musicians. It is their mission to make these artists’ extraordinary vision a reality every day.

The UNFD Podcast is a ⁠Darkside Media⁠ production.

Edited by Giles Bidder. Produced by Tom Dark.