HEVENSHE releases new single + lyric video ‘These Days’

TONIGHT ALIVE’s Jenna McDougall releases third single as the independent solo artist HEVENSHE

Watch the lyric video for ‘These Days’ – HERE
Listen to ‘These Days’ – HERE

Tonight Alive is a shared dream, but HEVENSHE is solely mine. I’m fortunate enough to say my dreams have come true, but it only makes me want to keep dreaming.” 
Jenna McDougall / HEVENSHE

‘These Days’ is a song about moments that can never last or be recreated.
Inspired by nostalgia and deja vu, the music hits hard and the lyrics hit even harder. “Another chapter of my life had served its purpose and was coming to an end.” – Hevenshe reflects “It was shining the light of impernance on everything around me. This song is about glimpsing the sacred when you realise something is temporary.”

Taking us on an exhilarating journey of innocence and wild abandon,
‘These Days’ assures us we can continue to expect hopeful anthems from the
re-emerging artist. Firmly establishing herself in Rock and Indie, ‘These Days’ grows Hevenshe’s library to a total of 3 belters in 4 months. No small feat for a self managed, independent, Aussie artist.

‘These Days’ is the 3rd single from HEVENSHE is out everywhere now, look out for further releases and live plans soon.

HEVENSHE ‘These days’ (Lyric Video)