HAYSTACK release new single “Doomsday Goes Away”

HAYSTACK release new single “Doomsday Goes Away”

A Fusion of Twisted Rock and Raw Energy**

Watch the live-recorded music video here:


Haystack, the iconic Swedish trio, is back with their latest single, “Doomsday Goes Away.” Renowned for their uncompromising rock-crushing sound, this new track ventures beyond traditional power noise rock into the genre-blending realms of ’the other rock‘ – a mix of raw energy and introspective nuances.

“Doomsday Goes Away” offers a compelling blend of resilience and introspection. The lyrics explore personal struggles and the quest for deeper truths. Ulf Cederlund‘s distinctive vocals, coupled with the band‘s dynamic instrumentation, create a sound that balances intense energy with emotional depth. This track is not just for fans of classic noisy rock but might also resonate with those drawn to the skewed, darker, more reflective sides of rock.

Cederlund describes the single as “a reflection of our journey, stripping everything back to its core to deliver pure, unadulterated rock.” This approach is evident in the song, showcasing Haystack‘s commitment to authenticity in both lyrics and sound.

Photo credit: Joona Hassinen

Haystack offers two distinct experiences of “Doomsday Goes Away.” The studio version, available on streaming platforms, delivers a raw and direct sound. In contrast, the music video version, recorded live at Studio Underjord in August 2023, offers an unfiltered experience of the band‘s music. Eschewing traditional lip-syncing, this live recording captures the spontaneous essence of Haystack‘s sound. This dual approach allows fans to experience both the refined and the raw sides of Haystack, showcasing their versatility.

Tracing their musical lineage from the altars of classic rock giants like AC/DC, Black Sabbath, and Led Zeppelin to the innovative realms of Killing Joke, Joy Division, and The Cure, Haystack continues to push the boundaries of rock music. ’Doomsday Goes Away‘ stands as a testament to their evolving sound, bridging the gap between traditional rock influences and the expansive universe of ’the further rock.‘

Listen to the studio version of “Doomsday Goes Away” here:

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