HAYSTACK release new single “Doomsday Goes Away”

HAYSTACK release new single “Doomsday Goes Away”

A Fusion of Twisted Rock and Raw Energy**


Photo credit: Joona Hassinen

Haystack, a vanguard of Swedish power noise rock, is set to release their ambitious album, ‘Doomsday Goes Away.’ Known for their raw, uncompromising sound, this album pushes the band’s boundaries, blending classic rock influences with a fresh, introspective approach.

Recorded live at Studio Underjord, ‘Doomsday Goes Away’ captures the band’s raw energy and spontaneous essence. This approach, emphasizing minimal overdubs, reflects the band’s dedication to authenticity.

Ulf Cederlund’s Perspective:

“Stripping everything back to its core, this album reflects our journey and commitment to unadulterated rock,” says Ulf Cederlund.

Track Highlights:

1.         Doomsday Goes Away: The album’s powerful opener and title track delves into emotional resilience and the hope that difficult times will eventually pass. It combines heartache with a message of facing challenges.

2.         Blame: This track explores themes of chaos and personal responsibility, reflecting on how individuals navigate through tumultuous situations.

3.         Wastemakers: A critical look at societal neglect, this song confronts issues of environmental and social disregard, urging listeners to consider their impact.

4.         Going Under: An introspective piece that delves into shared human experiences, highlighting the commonalities in our struggles and triumphs.


Band’s Journey and Evolution:

Formed in 1994, Haystack has consistently evolved, releasing influential albums like ‘The Sacrifice,’ ‘Slave Me,’ and ‘Right at You.’ Their music, fusing elements from AC/DC to Killing Joke and Joy Division, showcases their unique place in the rock landscape.

Album’s Unique Sonic Experience:

‘Doomsday Goes Away’ offers a rich auditory journey with its dual versions. The studio recordings, available on all major streaming platforms, deliver a raw, gravel-polished sound that captures the essence of Haystack’s powerful noise rock. This studio version strikes a balance between technical precision and the band’s signature unrefined energy. In contrast, the album’s music videos, recorded live at Studio Underjord, present an even more authentic auditory experience. Eschewing traditional lip-syncing, these recordings showcase the band’s spontaneous and genuine performance style, bringing an added layer of rawness and authenticity to the album.

Tour and Live Performances:

Coinciding with the album release, Haystack embarks on a Sweden tour, featuring high-energy shows in Uppsala, Jönköping, Gothenburg, and Stockholm. Special guests will join the band, adding to the dynamism of each event.

Watch the live-recorded music video for title track “Doomsday Goes Away” here:

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