Havanna Winter Releases Intoxicating New Single “Death Wish”

Havanna Winter Releases Intoxicating New Single “Death Wish”

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Burgeoning viral modern pop star Havanna Winter has released her latest single “Death Wish” which was produced by David Arkwright (Bella Poarch, NCT DREAM, Illenium) and written by Maya K, Havanna Winter, Anette Winter, and David Arkwright.

Havanna says, “Deathwish is about love and how romance is unpredictable and a bit of a double edged sword if you will. Sometimes it’s a blessing and other times a lesson, but you never know in advance, and you have no choice but to gamble, even with your heart at stake, because if you don’t, you might miss out on the most incredible part of life and something true, real, and meaningful.

The inspiration behind it came from one of my favorite movies: Baz Luhrmann’s ‘Romeo and Juliet.’ I am so obsessed with the theme of the movie, with a mix of Shakespearean and the Roman Catholic, modern-fashion-pop-culture, being the most beautiful, yet most tragic love story of all time.”

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Havanna’s last single “Daddy’s Kissing Santa Claus!” was released in December and was produced by Nevin Sastry (JoJo, Eurovision Song Contest Soundtrack, Phem) and written by Maya K, Havanna, Nevin Sastry, and Carlos Guevara (X Factor) and was accompanied by a fun 1980’s, ugly Christmas sweater, chaotic family Christmas themed video.

A “Rock Mix” version produced by Little Steven and Marc Ribler was released on December 9th and was named a “Coolest Song In The World This Week” on The Underground Garage syndicated radio show and SiriusXM channel.

The song has 150k+ streams and 250k+ video views and was featured on many Spotify playlists including the “New Music Holiday” playlist for the duration of the season and their “Noteable” playlist celebrating songwriting.

Her first single “rain rain go away” came out August 5th and was written by Rhyan Besco (Prettymuch, Shaylen).

The second single “Heaven To Me” was co written by Havanna, Maya K, and Grammy award winning Mark Nilan Jr. (B.O.B., Trey Songz, Kevin Gates, Migos, Sage the Gemini, Lady Gaga, A Star Is Born soundtrack) and was released September 16th.

Her third single “Hollwood Forever” was released October 28th with a Golden Age of Hollywood inspired video that followed on Halloween. The track was produced by leelee (Jackson Wang, Bebe Rexha, Noah Cyrus, Giveon) and co written by Havanna, Maya K, leelee, and Carlos Guevara.

A “Rock Mix” version of “Hollywood Forever” produced by Little Steven and Marc Ribler was released on January 20th.

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16 year old viral teen sensation Havanna Winter is a musical artist, actress, and influencer. In 2020 she gained worldwide attention after going viral on TikTok and currently has a fanbase of over 6 million followers across her social media platforms.

Havanna was born in Oslo, Norway, but spent her childhood summers in Spain. With Spanish summers and Viking winters running through her veins, she made the transatlantic move to Los Angeles, California at the age of 9.

With a promising music career on the horizon, Havanna has signed with Stevie Van Zandt’s new imprint Wonderwall Records.

“Wonderwall Records is our new imprint that focuses more on the Pop side of things and we’re looking forward to Havanna being the first release.” – Stevie Van Zandt (CEO/Executive Producer)

She has an album to come this year all guided by Executive Producer Maya K (Bebe Rexha, Anita, J Balvin).

“I am very excited to work with such a talented artist like Havanna. It’s really inspiring to be able to work with an artist who has such a clear vision of who she is and what she wants.” – Maya K

Inspired by filmmakers Quentin Tarantino, Robert Rodriguez, and Tim Burton, as well as films like “The Lost Boys” “Pulp Fiction” and “Dazed and Confused” Havanna’s musical vision is to creatively deliver a cinematic experience and sound with every song release. Cultivating elements of her retro interests has allowed Havanna to bring new life to them in the digital world.

“I was missing some of the magical moments in old school, retro movies. As I began to create music and visuals to accompany it, I thought it would be a good opportunity to try to sneak some of it back in!” – Havanna Winter

“Dreamy pop track…on par with contemporaries Lana del Rey and Bella Poarch.”- Blood Makes Noise

“I’m in awe of Havanna Winter, this lady is the definition of talent. The versatility in her style and the range of her voice is mind blowing. She doesn’t shy away from breaking out of the mundane pop formula to try something new; she embraces so many genres and flawlessly pieces them together to create music that is exceptional. I can’t wait for an album as I know it’s going to be a roller coaster of sounds where you’re never quite sure what’s coming next.” – Click, Roll, Boom

Havanna was named a “Featured artist” on Triller and all four singles have been in rotation on SiriusXM Hits 1, SiriusXM Biz Hits and have been streamed over 850,000 times on TikTok.

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