Hardcore-punk band Big Laugh release debut album, Consume Me, out now on Revelation Records

Hardcore-punk band Big Laugh release debut album,
Consume Me, out now on Revelation Records

Consume Me

WATCH: “Mask”

“Raging, fast, straightforward hardcore is the name of the band’s game, and it’s clear from the opening notes of “Artificial Peace” all the way to standout closer “The Fall” that the band is here to take no prisoners.” – Lambgoat

“They’ve got personality, the record is a blast to listen to, and even with a vast sea of great hardcore and punk bands right now, this one stands out.” – BrooklynVegan

“Prepare for a noisy, abrasive onslaught of aural assault.” – New Noise Magazine

“In the span of just 20 minutes, BIG LAUGH have laid down a gauntlet for hard nosed and grimy hardcore punk.”– Distorted Sound

“While the songs are short bursts of manic energy, Big Laugh manages to pack in plenty of attitude, hard-hitting punk guitars, and some great angry vocals.” – Ghost Cult Mag

Today, Milwaukee hardcore-punk band Big Laugh have released their new album, Consume Me, on the legendary Revelation Records. Recorded with producer Matt Russell at Altered States studio in Chicago, Consume Me is an energetic blast of creative hardcore. The album’s lyrics hit close to home for the band, holding personal notions while still feeling outwardly relatable.

For decades, the upper midwest of the United States has been a hotspot for hardcore bands that bend genres and refuse to stick to tired formulas, producing acts like Husker Du and Die Kreuzen. Big Laugh are here to continue that tradition, with a sound that finds them as much at home playing DIY shows in dingy basements as playing large clubs alongside some of hardcore and punk’s luminaries. Self-described “punks who listen to Judge,” Big Laugh work in a wide array of influences – from the blazing speed and harsh noises of Japanese rippers like Gauze and Bastard to the mosh-ready impact of NYHC bands like Burn and Alone In A Crowd, and even some melodic sensibilities akin to the aforementioned Husker Du.

Focused on building their own lane, Big Laugh are not afraid of the work it takes to make the masses take notice. Booking their own tours, they have played alongside bands like Revelation Records labelmates Torso and Urban Sprawl, as well as Gel, Spy, No Pressure, and appeared at 2022’s massive Sound and Fury Fest in LA that drew more than 5,000 people.

With high ambitions, Big Laugh is centered on creating whatever they want however they want, and Consume Me is just the latest step for this young band.

Big Laugh is Drew – Vocals, Zach – Guitar, Jesse – Drums, and Casey – Bass.

Album Artwork
Consume Me Tracklist:
1. Artificial Peace
2. Abomination
3. Square One
4. Mask
5. Animosity
6. Shadow Figure
7. Consume Me
8. Last Laugh
9. Blowin’ Smoke
10. The FallUpcoming Shows:
2/17 Milwaukee, WI @ Cactus Club (Record Release) w/ Hotline TNT