Hardcore band Broken Vow release new album Anthropocene on Triple B Records

Hardcore band Broken Vow release new album Anthropocene

on Triple B Records

Photo Credit: Emily Hartmann

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“They’ve worked together to tap into a sincere, fiery sound that recalls the urgent and ferocious metallic hardcore of the ’90s.” Stereogum

“Ferociously heavy hardcore” BrooklynVegan

“A visceral, rage-fuelled work that demands we do better, Anthropocene shows Broken Vow are only just getting started.”Distorted Sound

New England-based band Broken Vow are creating hardcore with purpose and urgency.  Today, the band releases the debut full-length Anthropocene out through Triple B Records. Capturing the wild energy of their live show, the nine songs on the record are built around metallic riffs and an explosive vocal delivery. The sound is heavy and determined, courtesy of working with Chaz at The Spot in New Haven, CT for recording and mixing, and mastering by Will Killingsworth (Orchid) at Dead Air Studios in Amherst, MA. Anthropocene can be streamed HERE is available for purchase HERE.

Taking influence from bands like Strife, xRepentancex, and Earth Crisis, they’ve created an array of absolutely crushing moments met with melodic solace. Lyrically, the album is meant to be inspiring and a testament to the bands Broken Vow grew up on.

Diving into the themes and influence of the record, vocalist Tommy Harte states:

“When writing the lyrics for this album I was heavily influenced by bands who tackled a wide variety of subject matter in a cohesive and thought provoking way. Undying, Earth Crisis, Chokehold, and the more political-leaning Bridge Nine bands provided a lot of inspiration in that respect. The bulk of songs on this record are about humanity’s relationship with the earth, the pressing issue of our time. The generation this band comes from is one that never really knew environmental peace and from a young age has had to grapple with feelings of doom, guilt, and confusion around the topic. I’m not a genius, or an inventor, or a problem solver but I am a human, so that seemed the best angle to come at it from. This record is about the anger that comes from watching those in power fail to slow our culture’s ever-quickening descent into environmental and social destruction. It’s about feeling hopeless and still refusing to give up hope. It’s about empowering the everyman, who has been taught to be at peace with his powerlessness. But most importantly it’s about not being alienated from your own humanity despite the pressures of our culture and civilization. It is within this humanity that we will find the power to influence the change necessary to salvage what’s left of the world.”

Opener “Burning Your Throne” delivers the band’s mission statement with an all out reckoning, setting the tone for the rest of Anthropocene. Lead single “1.5” addresses that humanity is squandering the privilege of the earth as “Reversal” further expands upon how nature and mankind interconnect. The record’s focus on socially and politically conscious lyrics is met with an enraged sonic assault spanning through hardcore and metal.  Closer “No More Air” is a full on classic metalcore creating a sound laced with intricate chord progressions, a piano interlude, and words that serve as a saddened love letter to modern society.

With Anthropocene, Broken Vow have created a record that takes an introspective look at the world around us, rooting them as a young hardcore band braced for impact.

Broken Vow is Tommy Harte (vocals), Harrison Sacco (guitar), Evan Stein (guitar), Max Holsbeke (drums), and Olin May (bass).

Album Artwork

Anthropocene Tracklist:

1. Burning Your Throne

2. Kingdom Dies

3. Evil Armies

4. Function

5. 1.5

6. Propaganda Of The Deed

7. Shift Tactics

8. Reversal

9. No More Air

Upcoming Shows:

11/1 – Holyoke, MA @ The Hoff w/ xNomadx, Adrienne, Balmora

11/6 – Burlington, VT @ Monkey House

11/7 – Toronto, ON @ Hard Luck Bar w/ Botfly

11/8 – Montreal, QC @ Piranha Bar w/ Botfly

11/9 – Woodstock, NB @ Crossing Paths w/ Botfly

11/10 – Halifax, NS @ The Seahorse w/ Botfly

11/11 – Moncton, NB @ Xeroz Arcade w/ Botfly

11/12 – Portland ME, @ the Cavern

11/13 – Hamden, CT @ The Shop w/ Foreign Hands, Balmora

11/24 – Troy, NY @ No Fun