Greetings From Hillbilly Vegas. Oklahoma’s Finest Release European Debut EP

Greetings From Hillbilly Vegas.
Oklahoma’s Finest Release European Debut EP

UK, 20th July 2022.

Already festival headliners in their native USA, and with a string of Billboard top 20 Rock and Country singles under their belt, Hillbilly Vegas are to bring their special blend of Southern Rock and Country Boogie to this side of the Atlantic.

Teaming up with Conquest Music, Hillbilly Vegas will release their new album in October on CD, Vinyl and Digital. As an appetiser, they have released a 5 track Digital EP “Greetings From Hillbilly Vegas” which is out now.

The EP leads with ‘High Time For A Good Time’, which has more Southern swagger and charm that the last four Black Crowes albums combined. ‘Hell To Pay’ is good old, no nonsense boogie like AC/DC used to make. Both of these rode high in the Billboard Rock Charts and will be on the new album.

The final three tracks are live favourites and demonstrate the breadth of talent and humour in Hillbilly Vegas.

1             High Time For A Good Time
2             Hell To Pay
3             Field Fulla Hillbillies
4             Losin’ To Win
5             Mason Jars And Moonlight

Check out the video for High Time For A Good Time:

… and the lyric video for Hell To Pay

Link to the digital EP:

Watch out for UK dates in November and European festival appearances throughout 2023.

Hillbilly Vegas are:
Steve Harris – Lead Vocals & Guitar, Stacy Thornburg – Guitar, Jason Meredith – Guitar, Marty Lynch – Bass, Troy Hollinger – Drums, Andy Wise – Backing Vocals



Hillbilly Vegas Biography.

It was never about starting a band. It was just a few old friends getting together to play music for fun. They would meet once a week at a small house deep in the Oklahoma woods they called Ringo Manor. They played old songs, told stories and laughed a lot. Before too long they started writing songs and as the story goes, when you put a bunch of musicians in a room together…they started a band.

Hillbilly Vegas released their first song just a few months after their first jam session at Ringo Manor. A local DJ played that song during his air shift and then it got weird. A Nashville record executive was driving through the area at the very moment that local DJ was playing that first Hillbilly Vegas song. He called the station and just an hour later they were offered a record deal. That fast! Yes, the band is aware that happens to be one of the subplots in the movie Wayne’s World but it happened.  Just like that!

Since that wild day the band has charted 5 country singles, along with 2 top 10 and 3 Billboard top 20 rock singles. HOLY CROSSOVER!


So now well established in the USA, it’s high time to introduce Hillbilly Vegas to the rest of the World.

This debut EP, ‘Greetings From… Hillbilly Vegas’ features two songs from their forthcoming album, plus 3 tried and tested live favourites.

Expect Southern Rock, Americana, Country Crossover and a whole lot more. No one genre is enough to describe the breadth of music and talent that Hillbilly Vegas deliver.

Sure to be in demand across Europe on the festival circuit, the band plan to hit the stages over here in 2023.

Hillbilly Vegas are:

Steve Harris – Lead Vocals & Guitar

Stacy Thornburg – Guitar

Jason Meredith – Guitar

Marty Lynch – Bass

Troy Hollinger – Drums

Andy Wise – Backing Vocals



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