Alt Rock Soloist


PLANET ROCK – “A very catchy song…”
CLOUT – “Bridging the gap between 70’s guitar rock and today with effortless charisma and guile” WONDERLAND – “A genre bending and timeless sound with empowering lyrics and warming vocals” CLASH – “Anthemic 70’s gusto big enough to fill an arena”
BBC INTRODUCING YORK – “Absolutely fantastic…influenced by David Bowie and Peter Gabriel” MUSICWEEK – “A timeless piece of indie rock”

Drew Davies releases his brand-new single “Codename: Softboi” on 31st March 2023. Simmering with dark irreverence and a brooding angst, Codename: Softboi is an examination of online dating at its nadir. Taking cues from contemporary artists such as Alex Cameron, John Grant and The Horrors, Davies melds his themes with the retro soundscapes of artists like TVAM and a dash of fury from his love of 90s alt rock bands like Faith No More to create a truly unique sound.

Davies hits hard at the subject of his ire, the 21st Centuries’ digital Don Juan’s, but with his tongue firmly planted in cheek. The chorus implores the listener to “put the gaslight out,” an anthemic reference to the Ill-conceived manipulation often attempted by this generation of lost boys.

Drew Davies tells us:

“Softboi is a satirical examination of the alternative veil men may choose to don in a bid to seduce the object of their desires online. Only to reveal their true lascivious desires when they can wait no longer to capture the ‘prize’”

“Toxic Masculinity is a theme examined often in the world of alternative pop by artists such as Kirin Calinan and Alex Cameron, I wanted to take a close look through an alternative rock lens.”

The track was mixed by Danny Woodward, Whitewood Recordings – BC Camplight, Ladytron, Circa Waves and mastered by Graeme Lynch, 209 Mastering – Circa Waves, The Coral, Ladytron, AMS Neve, Marshall Records.

In this strange, dystopian, technicoloured era where experience and authenticity are top dollar, Drew Davies delivers as an original sonic explorer… Having toured the continent of heavy metal and gained underground notoriety treading the boards at Download and Bloodstock festivals, Drew Davies staunchly claims new territory as he prepares his sophomore solo album, Holloway Nights.

There is a heavy tenderness about his new work, even with his son-of-a-bitch wild screams and the occasional power chord; the lo-fi beats, dusty funk licks and Roland Juno join forces to create something as intimate as it is expansive. Occasionally breaking through his grand analog ensemble is something hopeful and almost tangible – a wholesome sound imbued with the musical traditions and legacy of the steel city where Drew was born.