Get Ready For “Dematerialization” – Blackened Death VISITANT Unleash Debut Single

Get Ready For “Dematerialization” – Blackened Death VISITANT Unleash Debut Single w/ Music Video (ft. members Abiotic, Demon King)

Seasoned vets in their respected local scenes across various American states, blackened death metallers Visitant converged in Nashville, TN earlier this year and are now prepared to make their debut to the metal world with the single “Dematerialization” accompanied by a music video.

Visitant was formed by Matthew Brown (Demon King, ex-Enfold Darkness), Taylor Tidwell, and Chelsea Strickland (voice actor at Monster Factory), with the later addition of Terran Fernandez (ex-Mindscar) and Anthony Lusk-Simone (Abiotic).

Vocalist Chelsea Strickland explains their introduction to the extreme metal community and music video:

“Right before the idea of Visitant, I was binging all of The Haunting of Hill House and The Haunting of Bly Manor and became infatuated. I really grew an attachment to them because the emotions were relatable. My grandfather became terminally ill around the same time. My mother also became dangerously ill around the same time. I associated the series with them… The feelings I had while watching that. Were comparable to real-life events. Anyway, I was in love with how beautifully those series were written and shot. The cinematography was so superb. I was hooked… and when I moved to Nashville from Pensacola, I started Visitant with Matt. The name is another word for an apparition. I wanted to embody the intense yet heart-wrenching vibes it carried. So I felt the name was fitting. I’ve always loved ghost stories since I was a kid. Discussing the ideas and concepts of Visitant with Matt and Taylor came easily. We wanted to create a project where we could feel free to write what we wanted without it being too complicated or forced. To make it as dark and spine-tingling as we wanted it to be.”

Vicious, feral, and meshing Victorian mourning vibes with black metal, this is the path Visitant will be exploring in their sound as they plan to deliver a forthcoming EP in 2023. Even though they write from a distance, with today’s easy access to communications, they have been able to create and write from state to state.

“I think our single Dematerialization and more to follow will be well received. I honestly feel our sound is unique. We have really rad guitar lines and melodies. We just want the audience to experience the music with all senses eventually. Audibly, we just hope it makes you feel something.”

“Dematerialization” was the culmination of several months of collaboration between all members of a newly formed band. During this time they were writing other songs for the project in an attempt to create an original sound, but it wasn’t until this track’s completion that they had a firm idea as to what they would become.

Visitant is recommended for fans of Naglfar, Gojira, Goatwhore, Enslaved, and Opeth.

The music video for “Dematerialization” can be seen and heard via its premiere on Slam Worldwide –

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