German post-modern rock ensemble ZAHN share new sonic experience with latest single ‘SCHMUCK’

German post-modern rock ensemble ZAHN share new sonic experience with latest single ‘SCHMUCK’


FFO: Tortoise, Kraftwerk, Battles, Trans Am, Metz

“This piece in all its relaxed, spacious and, dare I say, danceable form is probably the furthest we could come from the OG Zahn material. There’s a lot of interesting little things going on during the first three minutes and I’m very happy about the guitar fragments that sound wizard Jobst M. Feit brought to the table. And then the beat comes in and time loses its relevance and Schmuck just rolls and flows forever. Playing this song is like being in a warm bath with incense and candles all around and some Al Green on in the background. I swear I’ve seen audience members kissing during this. Alas, due to Zahn’s dysfunction of having to wreck every comfortable moment, we just have to hack the whole thing to pieces from the 06:40 minute mark onwards. We’re sorry!” – ZAHN

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German post–modern noise rock ensemble ZAHN will release their second full–length album “Adria” on 24th November. “Adria” offers a bold escape from your daily life through technicolor transmissions of post–rock, krautrock, dark jazz, noise–rock, post–punk and electronic music. Influenced by the likes of TRANS AMTHE JESUS LIZARDMETZTHE MELVINS and TORTOISE. “Adria” is a compelling soundtrack to a 1980’s anti–utopian road movie!

‘Adria’ was mixed and mastered by Magnus Lindberg (RUSSIAN CIRCLESCULT OF LUNA) at his Stockholm studio. The cover artwork, based around photographs by Lupus Lindemann(KADAVAR), was designed by Fabian Bremer (RADAREAUA).

The album is a testament to the incredible power of this trio and its ability to effortlessly ensnare your attention for the duration of a ten minute–song of purely instrumental music. Over the course of the albums 11 tracks ZAHN emerge as a form of PINK FLOYD of noise rock, relentlessly pushing the envelope on what’s already accomplished while remaining tasteful and tasty at every corner.

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“Zahn’s Adria is the experimental rock record I’ve been waiting for, with spacious guitars, classic synths, distorted bass and heavy grooves like Hallo Gallo meets Jesus Lizard. This is futuristic music for movement, not vocals. I’ve been running to it the past couple weeks and I think I’m getting smarter.” – Walter Schreifels (QUICKSANDRIVAL SCHOOLSGORILLA BISCUITS)

“Zahn’s new record Adria is crushing and weird in all the best ways. Melody hides in the cracks between staccato drum hits placed as with precision German machinery; synthesizers throb under hefty, wooly baselines and buzzsaw guitars tie the whole beautiful monster together. Adria sounds fantastic!” – Nick DiSalvo (ELDERDELVINGWEITE)

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