Garage Rock Band The Woggles Drops New Single “Mr. Last Chance” (b/w “The Will O’ The Wisp’)

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Garage Rock Band The Woggles Drops New Single “Mr. Last Chance” (b/w “The Will O’ The Wisp’)

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“The band’s singer, Professor Mighty Manfred, possesses the power and tunefulness of one of those obscure garage-band vocalists who, not sure they were ever getting another chance to record, poured their guts out on the first take. Meanwhile, the band gallops behind him with rousing backup vocals, sizzling Farfisa and buzzing guitars.”- NPR

“The Woggles are one of America’s greatest rock ‘n’ roll bands.”- Lincoln Journal Star

“Cult heroes whose hot-rodded blend of garage rock, surf music, rockabilly, and vintage R&B connects solidly both live and in the studio.”- All Music

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“Mr. Last Chance ” by The Woggles


Cult garage rock purveyors The Woggles have dropped a new single “Mr. Last Chance” (b/w “The Will O’ The Wisp’) via Wicked Cool Records.

Stream the track here:

Frontman “The Professor” Mighty Manfred says, “Mr. Last Chance is our first release to feature the Woggles’ new road-tested two-guitar attack, featuring Graham Day and Shane Pringle.”

About The Woggles:

For a band to not only last beyond 30 years together but keep scaling more imposing heights, it’s going to need a sense of purpose. In the case of The Woggles, the seasoned garage rockers passed that milestone with a renewed rallying cry to move ever forward!

The Woggles now feature a two-guitar attack with Graham Day (The Prisoners, Solar Flares, Thee Mighty Caesars) and Shane Pringle (Tiger! Tiger!, Bad Spell) on the 6 strings with Shane occasionally doubling up on saxophone!

“The band is not as much an institution as a way of life,” says frontman “The Professor” Mighty Manfred. “The main thing is to keep swimming, cause the shark has got to keep moving.”

The Woggles continue to feature the sock-it-to-them rhythm section of bassist Buzz Hagstrom and drummer Dan Eletxro, both also sometime members of savage English rockers Graham Day & The Gaolers.

“Alan Freed once said that ‘Rock and roll is a river of music that has absorbed many streams,’” quotes Manfred. “The Woggles drink from its many tributaries, from early rock and roll and R&B to ’60s garage rock, British Invasion, ’60s soul and forward.”

Fusing pure rock and soul from vintage sources into their own singular sound, The Woggles lay it down hard and loud but with more majesty than recklessness. Their beats and riffs are as strident as Manfred’s swagger and strut onstage. Having played in the past with Johnny Cash, Link Wray, The Zombies and nearly every garage rock group worth its salt, as Meredith Ochs wisely advised on NPR All Songs Considered: “Go see a Woggles show. It will change your life.”


Upcoming Shows:

Tue. 10/10: Blind Bob’s, Dayton OH

Wed. 10/11: Beachland Ballroom, Cleveland OH w/Southern Culture on the Skids

Thu. 10/12: Outer Limits Lounge, Detroit MI

Fri. 10/13: Green Bay UFO Museum Gift Shop and Records, Green Bay WI

Sat. 10/14: Reggie’s Music Joint, Chicago IL w/ Snake Wine, Black Cat Heart Attack

Woggles with Graham

Photo: Courtesy of The Woggles