Frozen Soul // Celestial Sanctuary // Wallowing // Live Review // The Boston Music Rooms // London

It’s Sunday night & there’s a chill in the air… That can only mean one thing.

Frozen Soul is back in town.

It may be the end of the weekend but a packed venue foaming at the mouth for a night of death metal is about to erupt.

First on the stage tonight at the architects of blackened sludge & doom the monolithic Wallowing. Based in Brighton, Wallowing is an enigma. With a stage presence that I haven’t seen for years. A merging of worlds,  Alejandro Jodorowsky’s “Holy Mountain” meets “Tetsuo”. Duel vocalists with a huge pedalboard to create harsh soundscapes in conjunction with a solid & tight band create some of the most beautiful but terrifying sounds I’ve heard in some years. One of those sets that left my jaw on the floor in 1000 pieces. These guys have created something unique & so out of the box, they deserve huge praise.

Next up are Rock N Load’s faves Celestial Sanctuary. Coming off a huge run of shows supporting Undeath on their first UK tour & the honour of opening a one-off Obituary London date, the band are gearing up for their hotly anticipated new album “Insatiable Thirst For Torment”.

As always vocalist/guitarist Tom has control of the crowd right from the opening ring out, Demanding a wall of death on the very first song. Ballsy move but the crowd are there to oblige. From start to finish the crowd are giving it their all.

Showcasing the new track “Glutted With Chunder” which is a huge step up for the band. Brutal riff upon even more brutal riffing. This one is going to quickly become one of the highlights of the band’s setlist this year.

Closing with the “Trapped Within The Rank Membrane” & somehow making the ending breakdown more & more heavy each time I see the band just goes to show how much of a powerhouse & staple in the scene Celestial Sanctuary has become!

Now for the main event, All the way from Fort Worth Texas. The undisputed kings of frostbitten death metal Frozen Soul.

After their support slot earlier in the year with Dying Fetus, Frozen Soul’s European following has grown quickly & tonight the venue is filled to the brim.

Opening with the now iconic “Encased In Ice” as vocalist Chad picks up the band’s snow machine & doses the crowd. A huge intro is so epic in nature it fits perfectly for tonight’s show. Right from the first note the band is giving it 1000%. Headbanging & Chad Greens’ mighty mic stand swag provides the band with the swagger they hold so well.

Hearing tracks from the new album “Glacial Domination” shows what a perfect evolution the band have been able to make. “Arsenal Of War” & “Morbid Effigy” some of the heaviest tracks the band have written to date have now become anthems for the group. Trying to keep count of the amount of people Chad gave the microphone to for a sing along was near impossible. The ground was frantic & one of the most positive i’ve seen this year. The band have earned it & are reaping the rewards.

The whole band’s energy is at full tilt. Guitarist Chris & Michaels breakneck riffing does not once falter & they keep it tight & locked it. Bassist Sam is always rocking the shit of her beautiful yet deadly basses. And hell she’s even headbanging harder than some of the crowd. A perfect stage present.

One thing you can count on when you see Frozen Soul is the impressive drumming from Matt. The guy is the best. Perfectly riding the balance of hitting hard but technically sound. No matter the kit & stage his performance is always a thud to the stomach with his perfect double kick action.

As the set draws to a close, this is one of sweetest & hottest shows i’ve been too in years. But the band & crowd have earned it. Closing out with title track “Crypt Of Ice” the venue might be hotter than hell but every last ounce of brutality does not go unspent by the band. Tonight was a benchmark for the band & the London death metal scene. It will go down as one of the most brutal gigs for many years to come!

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Review: Joseph Mitchell