French punk rockers Quitters share new single + video “Borders”

French punk rockers Quitters share new single + video

Borders | 20.07.2022 

French punk-rockers Quitters are back with a brand new track, Borders, and its video. The song, with its upbeat sounds and dance music-like pop chorus, contrasts with the lyrics about migrants’ journey to Europe.

The single is taken from Quitters’ forthcoming album “Captain Are We Thinking?” which is due for release on 23 September 2022.

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About the band:

Quitters is a French punk rock band from Montpellier. The band was formed in 2015 and has been touring with the sole purpose of playing as much as possible. Carried by a pure punk rock energy, the texts of the band depict with cynicism and not without humor a world at the end of breath. 

Since then, the band has collaborated with various labels (Inhumano, Bad Mood Asso, Krod Records), sweated out more than 150 concert halls around the world and released two EPs and an album, Good Night Memories. For Quitters, 2022 marks the big comeback with the release of their second album Captain Are We Thinking.

Inspired by The Flatliners, Off With Their Heads or Pup, Quitters does not plagiarize: if the punk rock universe and the DIY culture infuse their music, this one is a vehicle for a creativity, a vision of the world and a sonic patte which are their own. 

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