Fred Mascherino and Frank Zummo reveal collaboration




JUNE 22 – Philadelphia, PA – Distinguished songwriter and guitarist Fred Mascherino (ex-Taking Back Sunday, Say Anything, The Color Fred) and prominent drummer Frank Zummo (Sum 41, Street Drum Corps) have teamed up for a song collaboration. Their mesmerizing indie rock anthem “Be Here Now” will be released worldwide tomorrow via Mascherino’s very own Heading East Records. In addition, the all-star duo will be performing the song at Emo Nite at Webster Hall in NYC on Saturday, June 24th.

“‘Be Here Now’ is about the challenge of staying in the present moment,” explains Fred Mascherino. “Something that’s hard to do with today’s technology. Our phones remind us of what’s coming up, and we relive the past in our constant posting. But to unplug and appreciate where you are right now, by giving your full attention to the person in front of you or by giving yourself time to relax and process life, can be a really powerful action.”  

In late 2020, after a year of confined songwriting through Zoom calls, Mascherino decided it was time to venture into the world again. He traveled from his East Coast home near Philly and headed to California with a list of friends, acquaintances, and heroes he hoped to write with. On the shortlist was drummer Frank Zummo who he noticed had been releasing a slew of collaborative singles for his solo project.

“Frank is an amazing drummer and I saw his video where they filmed him playing drums underwater,” recalls Mascherino. “I definitely wanted us to do something together. I arranged to go to his house near Los Angeles. He had a great drum room where we could jam and work things out.”

Apparently, the feeling was mutual, Zummo adds, “When you get in a room with another pro like Fred, he’s gonna push you to do your best playing and as long as we can get on the same page with the goal, the results can be magical.”

The two spent the day writing and recording some rough drums at Frank’s place. They kept talking and working on the song over the next couple of months. Fred explains, “I took Frank’s drum tracks home to record guitars and vocals at my studio. Then sent those back to Frank who re-tracked his drums in a proper studio.”

The result was an uplifting anthem that sings: “Be here now, ’cause we’re lucky we’re alive. Put down every last device and be here now.”

“I remember Frank saying he wanted to make sure the lyrics stayed positive,” Mascherino recounts. “I knew we could be friends at that point because that’s where my head was at too. After months of being stuck at home, I was ready to be happy again. This song is a statement of self-appreciation and gratitude.”

Zummo claims, “I wasn’t sure if this song would end up on my record or Fred’s record, but I knew we had something special. I’d play all my new material for my wife and this one always stood out as a song with real depth.”

It’s no secret that Frank and Fred are both highly regarded players on their instruments. Both have a long history of playing in the scene’s top bands. Hearing them together for the first time gives us fresh new sounds that could’ve been mash-ups of our favorite artists from the past.

“Be Here Now” will be available worldwide on June 23rd via Heading East Records under both artists’ names collaboratively.

“Be Here Now”