Final Stair – New Single “Suitcase” Out Today


Single: Suitcase Out Today
Listen Here / Watch Video Here

Debut Album: Hope
Release date: 30th September 2022
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Final Stair are excited to announce the release of their brand new single Suitcase today, which is accompanied by a lyric video, available here. Taken from the forthcoming album Hope, which is due for release on 30th September, Suitcase highlights a songwriting capable of channeling multiple influences into a cohesive and unique soundscape.

The band comments: ““Suitcase” is a song about paranoia. It is symbolic of a guy who hides his heart in a suitcase and who is on the run. He is afraid that his heart will be stolen. He’s just terrified of growing up, of facing everyday life and embracing reality”.
Suitcase follows from the previous single Never Felt Beforea track that pictures the passionate attraction between two people.

Final Stair have already released eight singles: Never Felt BeforeHeadgames, Back To Throne, Dreamhunter, HopeIllusionistEnd Of Love and Morning Dew. Debut album Hope is set for release on 30th September 2022.

About Final Stair

Berlin is known for many things, though save for a few names like Tangerine Dream, Rammstein and Atari Teenage Riot, rock music hasn’t necessarily always been one of them. It’s something that German trio Final Stair are planning to change, who’ve found great inspiration in the wonderfully war-torn, visually imperfect and often hedonistic surroundings they’ve grown up around. Formed by twin brothers Istvan and Denes Vörös in 2012, with current drummer André Seidel joining in 2016, this is a band who want to celebrate the intoxicating light and darkness around them through thunderous groove and soaring chorus hooks…

The band have honed their craft and built a loyal fanbase in Germany (helped by previous single “Over The Top” being used extensively on the Netflix show “Cable Girls”). The trio will be releasing their debut album, titled Hope, via their own Sonic Grit label later this year. The music was recorded by the members themselves in their own rehearsal facility, a place where they could dictate their own rate of progress and painstakingly boil down a broad list of influences into the core fundamentals that made them unique. With tracks like Dreamhunter (“a big fuck you to everyone who ignored us”), Never Felt Before (“an old song that represents our grunge roots”) and Morning Dew (“one of our biggest hooks”) touching on the anthemic greatness of Queens Of The Stone Age, Biffy Clyro and The Killers in ways that feel completely fresh and new, Hope will undoubtedly be remembered as one of the finest rock debuts of its year…

Suitcase” is released through Sonic Grit on the 10th September.

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