Félix Rabin Releases His Upbeat New Single & Video, and Prepares to Tour the UK this Autumn.

Félix Rabin Releases His Upbeat New Single & Video, and Prepares to Tour the UK this Autumn.

Félix Rabin — the talented young sensation of the Swiss rock scene and much acclaimed guitar virtuoso and live performer — is releasing his brand-new single ‘As She Comes‘  along with its accompanying video in anticipation of his forthcoming UK Autumn tour.

Although French by birth and now living in Switzerland, Félix has built a strong fanbase in the UK scene. This brings him to play more over here than in his native lands. He was, for example, winner of the 2020 Giants of Rock festival contest in Minehead.

One thing that sets Félix Rabin apart from other artists and bands is his guitar techniques and skill, particularly when playing live on-stage with his bandmates. The line-up fields Félix Rabin – Lead singer, guitars & keys; Francesco Gagna – Guitars; Vincenzo Capodivento – Bass; and James Morgan – Drums.

Félix and his band are known for their rigorous experimentation and on-stage testing, which makes seeing them “an inspirational, even transcendent, experience.” As All About the Rock reported on one of their shows.

Félix is delighted to be returning to the UK, bringing his ninth UK tour to these shores: a new 12-date tour for Autumn 2023.

As She Comes’ which is part of a new EP scheduled for released early next year. As yet, this 2024 EP’s name is under wraps, but will be announced in December, along with its release date.

Félix explains, ‘”As She Comes’ is an ode to a friend, who found the right words at the right moments. This song is about the ones that will guide you when you need it the most. It’s an ode to those who found us when we felt lost.
“I wrote the song in March 2022. The process felt very easy and natural as I wrote the song with its lyrics over two days. We played this tune a couple of times on stage, and then, months later, locked ourselves in the studio, recorded it, and did our best to keep that vibe we felt the first time we played it live. I deeply hope this tune will touch you, in a way or another.”
The track opens with an upbeat hook, leading into Félix’s feeling-filled vocals, borne on a wave of melodic rock.
“I’m already looking forward to performing these new songs live to all of my fans, “ says Félix, “(especially our British followers) who have been there supporting me since the dawn of my musical career and who have seen me grow up, as much as a musician as a human being over the last years.”

Check out the new single and video and see Félix’s website for further touring details, updates and tickets: https://www.felixrabin.com/live. Also, watch out for news of the release of his next EP.
Check out the video to As She Comes here https://youtu.be/xbYnQdyRsxI


November 2023
16th Gifford Arms, Wolverhampton
17th Green Hotel. Kinross
18th The Tunnels, Aberdeen
19th Blues Rhythm & Rock Festival, Glasgow
23rd Yardbirds, Grimsby
24th Northern Guitar Shop, Leeds
25th Studio 5 Live, Keighley
26th The Greystones, Sheffield
27th The Temperance, Leamington Spa
29th The Tree House, Frome
30th Acapella Studio, Cardiff
1st  Dec Spiritual Bar, London


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