FARSOTH’s Morbid Symphonies Out Now on Black Lion Records

FARSOTH’s Morbid Symphonies Out Now on Black Lion Records

Sweden-born death horde FARSOTH has released their newest album, Morbid Symphonies on Black Lion Records.

Morbid Symphonies is simply 10 death metal songs done with a passion for music and the genre. As always, FARSOTH aims to make songs that will make you headbang, join a mosh pit, and chug a beer or two. If you are looking for music that will make you do the reptile dance, look no further.

FARSOTH invites all of you to join the madness and friendship of Death Metal. Morbid Symphonies is the album that everyone will soon be talking about.

Order Morbid Symphonies at farsothblacklion.bandcamp.com

Stream the album on Spotify and Apple Music.


1. Hate

2. Nothingness

3. Infernal Bondage

4. Morbid Symphony

5. Bound To Death

6. Afterlife

7. Provoke Me

8. Your Death

9. Rotten Flesh Stew

10. World Beyond

FARSOTH was founded in Sala (Sweden) by Jari Kuusisto in 2020. Shortly thereafter Joakim Mikiver vocals, Jonas Magnusson bass, and Kristofer Elemyr guitar were contacted to join the band. The search for the right drummer turned out to be a more difficult task than expected. Several months later the place was still not filled so Jari decided to contact his good friend Chris Barkensjö (Lik) to help with the drum recording for the album. All said and done, FARSOTH had 9 songs recorded but still no permanent drummer.

In early 2021 William Parkstam was recruited as the band’s permanent drummer. FARSOTH rehearsed for the first time as a full band in Williams’ hometown of Uppsala. Since then, they have released several videos, along with their debut album, The Plague, on all major streaming platforms.

Shortly after the album’s release in late 2022, William decided to leave the band due to other obligations, and Kristofer sadly passed away. William was quickly replaced by Florian Rehn on drums and in early 2023 Johnny Nymark joined the band as their new guitarist. At the beginning of 2023, Swedish record label Black Lion Records reached out to FARSOTH offering the band a record deal. So with a fresh record deal and more than 14 new songs, FARSOTH is looking forward to seeing what 2023 will bring.


Jari Kuusisto – Guitar

Joakim Mikiver – Vocals

Jonas Magnusson – Bass

Florian Rehn – Drums

Johnny Nymark – Guitar




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