EXTINCTION A.D. Call Out False Allies with New Single “Morality Bait”


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Extinction A.D.

Tuesday, August 1st, 2023 – New York metal heathens Extinction A.D. are returning with another blistering slice of their signature metallic hardcore punk in the form of new single “Morality Bait”. Stream the new track, out via Unique Leader Records HERE.

Serving as a scathing callout of performative activists, “Morality Bait” focuses Extinction A.D’s impeccable combination of groove metal, thrash and hardcore in to a furious riff-storm overlaid by a pointed lyrical evisceration of those exploiting morality for personal gain. Vocalist Rick Jimenez elaborates:

“Exploitation of moral causes is nothing new but it has never been more prevalent and transparent as it’s been recently. No surprise that people talk out of both sides of their mouth when there is profit to be made though. “Morality Bait” is a powerhouse song that takes the frustration with false allies and rallies for their destruction with the weightiest Extinction A.D. riffs yet.”

WATCH: Visualizer For “Morality Bait”

“Morality Bait” Artwork

European fans will be will be treated to the first live taste of the new track this August when the band hit the road for a string of headline dates along with support dates with Sepultura, Warbringer and Pro-Pain as well as several festivals including Summer Breeze, Dynamo and Brutal Assault. Full list below.

European Tour


European Tour Dates Summer ’23

8.10 – Jaromer, CZ – Brutal Assault Fest

8.11 – Megdeburg, DE – Factory with Sepultura

8.13 – Poznan, PL – Pod Minga

8.14 – Wroclaw, PL – Liverpool

8.16 – Dinkelsbuehl, DE – Summer Breeze Fest

8.17 – Carhaix, FR – Motocultor Fest

8.18 – Hamburg, DE – Bahnhof Pauli with Rising Insane

8.19 – Antwerp, BE – Kavka with Warbringer

8.20 – Eindhoven, NL – Dynamo Fest

8.21 – Kotrijk, BE – Dug Club

8.22 – Bochum, DE – Zeche with Sepultura

8.23 – Mannheim, DE – 7ER Club with Pro-Pain

8.24 – Munich, DE – Backstage Club with Blackened Halo

8.25 – Woerrstadt, DE – Neuborn Fest

“Morality Bait” is just the beginning of the next chapter of Extinction A.D. Keep it locked for big news coming soon.


For almost a decade, Long Island, New York’s Extinction A.D. have been bringing an intense and ferocious approach to metal. The frenetic energy and power of their live show is now matched on the brand new track, “Morality Bait” and the new era of the band it heralds, following the band’s 2022 full length release, Culture Of Violence.

So many different worlds shaped this band; from writers like Alan Moore and George Orwell; lyricists like Wreak Havoc and Chuck D; to directors like Tarantino and John Carpenter. But musically, Extinction A.D. hook up a tube of early 90s era of metal into their veins. Not just bands like Pantera and Machine Head, but the often overlooked 90s offerings from Testament, Sepultura and Slayer.

Thrashing just as hard as their predecessors, the band also break their surroundings down and deliver some heavy as hell riotous mosh; hitting that all-important sweet spot mixture of 80s thrash, 90s extreme metal and New York hardcore, all encompassed into one.

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