“Everything Taken” by Ways In Waves wonders “what would it take to make a difference?”

Ways In Waves is the brainchild of Brian Raine, a multi-instrumentalist and music producer originally from Yellowknife but currently living out of Edmonton. With malleable form and the spirit of experimentation at its core, the group began as a live duo, and eventually expanded to a five piece live band with Raine picking up vocals as well as guitar and keys parts.

His new song,Everything Taken came about from the feeling of unshakeable restlessness that he felt during the height of the pandemic. He began to question: what would it take to make a difference? Why does it feel like doing things the right way accomplishes nothing?

In the face of a provincial government that seems bound and determined to extend the pandemic as long as possible, to destroy our natural resources and race toward climate catastrophe, Raine began thinking of how being nice was holding him back from doing good. Reflecting upon how the past several years have changed him as a person, he asked himself how much more he would need to change to really be a force for positive change in the world.

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“The title came to me as I was reflecting upon how much my life has changed over the past couple years, and how I’ve changed as a person. I’m still grieving lost loved ones, broken relationships, and the end of many long threads in life,” says Raine. “In many ways it’s easier to think about having things taken away from me, rather than losing them to circumstances. In reality it’s a bit of both, but I wanted to channel my anger toward the powers that be in this song. I’m choosing to focus on what I would need to do moving forward as a responsible citizen, as a caring friend, and as someone who wants to be good.”