Everette Release their Second Title Track Single “Keys To Kentucky”

Everette Release their Second Title Track Single “Keys To Kentucky” Alongside Lyric Video

The versatile country roots & rock ‘n’ roll duo Everette have released the title track to their EP, “Keys To Kentucky”, accompanied by a lyric video. This song serves as both a heartfelt tribute to their home state and a reflection on lost love. Crafting this piece was a pivotal moment of inspiration for Everette, motivating them to embark on recording the EP.

“Keys To Kentucky”, set to release this June, epitomizes the duo’s stripped-back, back-to-basics approach, honed through their extensive live touring experience.

Describing the single “Keys To Kentucky”, the band shares, “Keys to Kentucky is a subtle, unassuming letter of hope to the one that got away. Loving someone enough to let them go find themselves out in the world while also letting them know the door is always open for them to come back.”

Comprising two Kentucky natives, Anthony Olympia and Brent Rupard, Everette’s musical journey began in the college bars and honky-tonks of Bowling Green, KY—a sound they’re revisiting with their latest EP.

Reflecting on their live performances of songs like ‘High and Lonesome’ and ‘Keys To Kentucky’, the duo notes, “We’ve been playing songs like ‘High and Lonesome’ and ‘Keys To Kentucky’ on the road for a couple of years, and every time the crowd came undone…from the Grand Ole Opry to the dive bars in the middle of nowhere. The magic in those moments really got us thinking that we should give this unplugged thing more serious thought. We love cranking up our electric guitars, but we find that this unplugged arrangement lets our voices and the stories cut through a little easier.”

The recently released single, ” High and Lonesome”, received praise from Rawramp, describing it as ” “Fussless, swampy, rock ‘n’ roll vitalized country-lovin’ blues…” Metal Talk also praised the single, saying, “High and Lonesome’ brings together the great storytelling and fluid musicianship that these two road dogs have made their name on.”

Lyric Video HERE
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