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In the lead-up to The Luminescence’s April 29, 2022 release date, Empire Springs issued one of its best tracks – “Drawing Lines” – on March 25. They’ll also kicked off the new year with two older, non-album gems – “Broken Glass” and “Ascend” – on January 14 and February 18, respectively. Interestingly, “Drawing Lines” was the first song they worked on together, so it “felt right for it to be the first single.” Although the other two tunes are astounding as well, they’re simply not as related to “the rest of the newer songs,” Bellomy confesses, so they didn’t make the cut.

Composed of bassist/vocalist Brett Bellomy, guitarist Michael Naro, keyboardist Chadwick McDowell, and drummer Ethan Standard, the group began as “a studio project between college friends” (according to Bellomy). Expectedly, a few of them had played together in other ensembles, and once Bellomy started truly focusing on his songwriting, they decided to unite for Empire Springs (named after “an exit sign in Empire Country for Blount Springs”). Naturally, they spent the next few years honing their creative and performative skills, which required “practicing a lot and playing local shows” to cultivate their sound and “learn respective roles in the band.” Fortunately, those countless hours of hard work ultimately yielded The Luminescence —  a toweringly ambitious and representative LP —  that instantly signifies Empire Springs, an immensely exciting, determined, and skillful genre newcomer.

The Luminescence is expected on Friday, April 29, 2022. 

Above: ‘The Luminescence’ album artwork; credit: Elijah Zakharov

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