Elles Bailey enters the UK Blues Hall of Fame after a triple victory at The UK Blues Awards 2023

Elles Bailey enters the UK Blues Hall of Fame after a triple victory at The UK Blues Awards 2023 

Elles picked up 3 awards at last night’s prestigious UK Blues Awards: Artist of The YearVocalist of the Year; & Album of the Year.

This will be Elles’ fifth award this year, having picked up Artist of the Year and Live Act of the Year at the UK Americana 2023 Awards back in January.

Elles first built her rep within the Blues, Americana and Rock genres earning acclaim in each and all, year after year; not to mention award after award as one of the leading UK artists in her field, but it’s the Blues Scene that Elles feels particularly grateful to, having welcomed her from the beginning.

Elles says, “As an artist who falls in-between the gaps of ‘classic’ genres, I feel exceptionally fortunate to have been championed by not only the UK Blues scene, but by the UK Americana scene and Rock scene. But it was the UK Blues scene that supported me from the very early stages of my career, spinning my tracks on the radio and giving me gigs and festival slots on which to cut my teeth. This early support led to opportunities and opened doors both here and overseas a that I never thought would ever happen to this gal from Bristol.

“I’m truly grateful for everyone involved in the scene who has believed in me and my brand of blues-fuelled Americana and championed me to allow me to be the artist I am today. To pick up Vocalist, Album and Artist of the Year at this year’s UK Blues Awards is a true honour and then to be inducted into the UK Blues Hall of Game for Artist of the Year quite frankly blows my mind.

“A huge thank-you to everyone who voted, to all the other inspirational nominees, to everyone involved in the Elles Bailey Story, to the amazing musicians and writers around me and to everyone who supports and raises up Blues music here in the UK. Thank you!”

As this is Elles third time winning Artist of the Year ( 2020, 2021 and now 2023), it means Elles is not eligible to win the award again, but is, instead, now inducted into the UK Blues Hall of Fame.

Back in 2020 when Elles picked her first UK Blues Artist of the Year, Elles used her acceptance speech to passionately talk about the importance of championing women in the scene. Fast forward to 2023, more and more female artists are being nominated and recognised. As an active campaigner for women in music, Elles regularly showcases up and coming artists on her Planet Rock show.

Elles says “What I’m most excited about is see is who wins that award next year. As a female in the industry that is still very male-dominated, I am so enjoying seeing more woman come to the forefront of the UK Blues scene and get the recognition they deserve and I will continue to do all I can to raise the voices of the women in our scene and to champion diversity, inclusivity and accessibility in the UK Blues scene and the wider music industry.”

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