Following the success of the 2021 album “Echoes Of The Abyss” the East Anglian four piece, ELIMINATION, return with an intense slab of Thrash Metal, influenced by false idols and the influence the media has on people.The snarling thrash beast ELIMINATION awoke from its quiet slumber in 2020 with a new line-up and a clear maturation in identity, hurtling its way back into the murky underground with full force, smashing its way into the New Wave of Thrash Metal once more.  With a voracious appetite for harvesting thrashers’ souls, and an equally insatiable desire to lay down its razor-sharp riffs of destruction once more, ELIMINATION took its audial assault to dizzying new heights, punishing with the gargantuan EP, “Of Gods and Beasts”. Rammed with violent tempos, neck-wrecking riffs, and strapping vocals, this three-track heavyweight was a precursor to the blistering, critically acclaimed 2021 full-length, “Echoes of the Abyss”, a strikingly seismic, uncompromising thrash offering that won the hearts and souls of thrashers worldwide.

After producing such a bruising release, it would only be a matter of time until ELIMINATION’s uncompromising thrash brawn would become an inevitable feature of the gig-circuit and festivals once more. With appearances at Hammerfest and HRH Metal under the band’s belt, it was August 2021 that celebrated one of the highlights of the band’s career, playing a spectacularly impassioned set on the Jägermeister stage at Bloodstock Open AirELIMINATION wasn’t there to maim, but rather set on stuffing the rambunctious crowd like a fat, juicy slab of fois gras, filling them with their furious cuts until their ears were fit to burst. Subsequent sets at Deadsoul Fest and Dayfest continued to fuel ELIMINATION’s desire to share its bold and bloody thrash with the metal scene, with more appearances at established festivals on the horizon. With 2022 welcoming the addition of new drummer, Gus Ratcliffe, to add to ELIMINATION’s heavy artillery and its metallic maelstrom, the band hellbent on forging a new chapter in its ambitious journey to eliminate thrash souls worldwide.

The first single to feature the punishing new line-up, “Icon of Despair”, is out on all streaming platforms from 29th July 2022.

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