EIVØR Releases New Single Hugsi Bert Um Teg / Still Just You

Releases New Single
Hugsi Bert Um Teg / Still Just You
“The Faroe Islands’ first international superstar” – PROG
“Evanescence-esque local hero” – Variety
“Incorporates the lyrics and musical styles of traditional Faroese music to international recognition” – The Guardian
EIVØR – “Hugsi Bert Um Teg / Still Just You” (Official Music Video)
Director – Einar Egils www.einaregils.com
DOP – Anton Smári Gunnarsson
Producer – Eydís Evensen
Fans around the world recognize EIVØR for her thunderous Nordic drumming and operatic throat singing. But her upcoming twelfth album marks a bold new venture in her two decades-long musical journey.

Today, EIVØR is releasing the latest single off ENN. Hugsi Bert Um Teg / Still Just You is a celestial swoon of dream-pop that’s bound to get stuck in everyone’s head, whether you’re out tearing up the dance floor or tossing and turning in bed.

Watch the video for Hugsi Bert Um Teg / Still Just You


ENN comes out June 14 on Season of Mist. 

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EIVØR comes from a village of 400 people, tucked away amidst the heavy winters and bright summers of the Faroe Islands. But over the past two decades, she’s covered a lot of stylistic ground. As a young teen, she played in rock and jazz bands. By the time she turned 17, she had already released her first album of folk songs and nabbed two Icelandic Music Awards.

As revealed by Jarðartrá/Dust To Dust, its gently pulsing first single, ENN delves deeper into EIVØR‘s affinity for dark electronic production. Even she was surprised to discover that her forays into electronic beatmaking were the stems for her new album. But Hugsi Bert Um Teg comes as the album’s biggest, most pleasant surprise.

“I usually spend A LOT of time writing my songs”, EIVØR says. “Months, sometimes even years.” But “HUGSI BERT UM TEG / STILL JUST YOU” is one of those songs that just came rushing out, as if it had been locked away somewhere inside of her, just waiting for the right key. Her new Prophet-5 synthesizer had hardly made it out of the box before she hammered out the songs lighter-than-air melody, which dances like the colors of the milky way. “When it finally arrived, I unwrapped it with all the restraint of a child at Christmas”, she says of her new studio toy.

Hugsi Bert Um Teg / Still Just You is the poppiest and most upbeat track on ENN. The gated drum loops and thumping four-on-the-floor beat would get the blood pumping inside any sweaty club basement. But even the pillowy synths can’t hide that underneath its sweet and simple melody, lies an undeniable tension. After all, it is a love song. When EIVØR reaches into a trembling lower register, you can feel her yearning. Her passion lights up the video like a thousand suns, soaring above the clouds on the wings of her piercing falsetto.

“Regardless of what else is happening around you, even if the world is ending, a love song, dreaming of what once was and remembering love, this is the only thing on your mind”.

The video for Hugsi Bert Um Teg / Still Just You was directed by Einar Egils (www.einaregils.com)

Watch the video
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Additional video creditsDOP – Anton Smári Gunnarsson

Producer – Eydís Evensen

Executive Producer – Einar Egilsson

Prod Co. – Indy Productions

AC – Sigfús Heiðar

Gaffer – Óttar Andri Óttarsson

Grip – Gústaf Evensen

Wardrobe – Diana Breckmann

Makeup – Sigrún Sig

Hair stylist – Ásgeir Hjartarson

Set builder – Þorvaldur Betri & Gústaf Evensen

Laser operator – Gabríel Brynjar Bjarkason

Post  – Einar Egilsson

Media rental – Kukl

Special thanks: Geir Bjarnason, Úlfur Grönvold

To celebrate the release of her star-turning new album, this fall, EIVØR will shoot across Europe on a headlining tour with label mate SYLVAINE in tow before linking up with HEILUNG in the land down under. Don’t miss the chance to hear her perform Jarðartrá/Dust To DustHugsi Bert Um Teg / Still Just You and other mesmerizing songs off ENN for the first time. Tickets are going fast!

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“My band and I can’t wait to start this new chapter with you and perform later this year”, says Eivør. “These tours will bring ENN all over the world – from the United States to Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, UK, Ireland, France, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, New Zealand and Australia”.

In preparation for their tour together, Eivør and Sylvaine put together a playlist of their favorite songs. Get in the mood with some of the choice cuts off Nova and the soundtracks to The Last Kingdom and God of War Ragnarök. 

Stream: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/7k4ImSEttiL9O6gOQ1tmrn

Eivør 2024 European Tour
October 2 – Hamburg, DE @ Markthalle [LOW TICKETS]
October 3 – Utrecht, NL @ Tivolivredenburg [LOW TICKETS]
October 4 – Brussels, BE @ Ancienne Belgique
October 5 – Cologne, DE @ Live Music Hall
October 7 – London, UK @ Electric Ballroom
October 9 – Dublin, UK @ Opium [LOW TICKETS]
October 10 – Glasgow, UK @ The Garage
October 11 – Manchester, UK @ Club Academy [Venue Upgrade]
October 12 – Bristol, ENG @ Thekla [SOLD OUT]
October 13 – Paris, FR @ Le Trianon
October 15 – Lyon, FR @ CCO
October 16 – Lucerne, CH @ Schuur
October 17 – Vienna, AT @ Szene [Venue Upgrade]
October 18 – Budapest, HU @ Durer Kert
October 19 – Warsaw, DE @ Progresja
October 21 – Berlin, DE @ Metropol
October 22 – Aarhus, DK @ Train
October 23 – Copenhagen, DK @ Store Vega [LOW TICKETS]
October 24 – Gothenburg, SE @ Pustervik
October 25 – Oslo, NO @ Rockefeller
October 26 – Stockholm, SE @ Kägelbanan [LOW TICKETS]

2024 Australia/ New Zealand Tour Dates Supporting HeilungOctober 30 – Perth, AU @ Red Hill Auditorium
November 2 – Adelaide, AU @ AEC Theatre
November 4 – Melbourne, AU @ Palais Theatre
November 8 – Sydney, AU @ Enmore Theatre
November 13 – Brisbane, AU @ Riverstage
November 16 – Auckland, NZ @ Kiri Te Kanawa

Of course, fans can support Eivør by buying merchandise at any stop along her tour. But you don’t have to wait!  Her new line of ENN-themed apparel is now available for order online.

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1. Ein Klóta (5:44)
2. Jarðartrá (4:47) [WATCH]
3. Hugsi Bert Um Teg (3:25) [WATCH]
4. Purpurhjarta (4:27)
5. ENN (7:11)
6. Lívsandin (4:35)
7. Upp Úr Øskuni (5:01)
8. Gaia (5:10)
Total runtime: 40:25

Genre: Art Pop
FFO: Heilung, Myrkur, Björk, Tori Amos, Chelsea Wolfe

Photo by Sigga Ella

Eivør calls her Nordic home in the remote Faroe Islands a landscape of extremes. Sitting in the North Atlantic Ocean just above Scotland and southeast of Iceland, with a total population of about 50,000, the climate is “full of contrasts—very dark, heavy winters and bright summers.” Growing up in a small village there, of about 400 people, it’s those contrasts that have inspired Eivør’s music throughout her career, as well as the Faroe Islands’ intense and still-vibrant connection to its own folk music traditions. “A very strong part of Faroese culture is singing together—anywhere people gather, there will be singing,” Eivør explains. “When you listen to old Faroese traditional music, it’s sung acapella and takes you back to its Renaissance roots. It’s pure, expressive, and untamed.”

Often considered to be one of the most prolific and unique Nordic artists of her generation, Eivør has released 11 studio albums to date, crossing musical genres and always pushing the bounds of the expected. Awarded with the Nordic Council Music Price in 2021, Eivør’s musical journey continues to fascinate.

As a young teenager, Eivør was immersed in the tight-knit local music scene, playing with 20-something musicians in jazz bands as well as rock bands influenced by Portishead, Radiohead, Massive Attack, Sigur Rós and similar acts.

By 16, Eivør released her debut solo collection of Faroese-sung folk-pop. One year later, she left home to study classical singing in Reykjavík, Iceland—soon winning two Icelandic Music Awards for her sophomore album. She spent the ensuing years living in Copenhagen and building a career playing folk festivals, but by 2010, Eivør was ready for a change. Her daring Larva album eschewed the folksiness of her previous work for experimentation and electronics. “I needed to free myself from boxes,” she said. It was the beginning of a new chapter that continues with her richly atmospheric new album, ENN.

The process of ENN built on Eivør’s recent immersion into production and beat-making​,​ but began with a return to classical music. She and her partner, the classical composer Tróndur Bogason, had decamped to a tiny Faroe Islands mountain village of 50 people, called Tjørnuvík with no agenda but to “write freely” for a possible side project. “Slowly I realized: I shouldn’t think about this as a side project,” Eivør said. “This is where I am at right now creatively.” The first track she worked on there became ENN’s melancholic closer, “Gaia,” which Eivør calls “a love hymn for the Earth” that reminded her of the Renaissance music she loved in her youth. On that trip, Eivør also wrote ENN’s opener, “Ein Klóta,” a song about “watching your world from afar” as it changes. “I felt I was making a concept album, in a sense, about the Earth, about our home, our planet. Then it developed into both nature but also human nature—both the outer and the inner landscape, and the struggles of the heart, the struggles between the Earth and humans.”

In recent years, Eivør has composed extensively for film, television and video games​(The Last KingdomGod of War) and the cinematic structures of those scores found their way in alongside the music’s propulsive beats, omnipresent rooting in Faroese folk, and the classical flourishes of her opera training. Some of the songs feel like vistas or panoramas moving unexpectedly. “After writing the first two more spacious tracks, the idea started to grow in my head of almost a space opera,” Eivør said. “I was like, what if this journey starts out in space, and you watch the Earth? And you’re so far away from everything that you ever knew? Where am I going? What is this adventure?” The result was a synthesis of her career to date—her curiosity about beat making and noisy expressiveness, combined with the purity of classical music and cinematic atmospheres—and that sonic biography plays out beautifully on ENN’s second track “Jardartra.” It begins with a lurching beat “almost like a heartbeat,” and Eivør wrote it from the Earth’s point of view, as if “Earth is calling on us in the midst of all our human greed and destruction and beckoning us to find our way back to her blue embrace.”

Most of the lyrics, sung entirely in Faroese, were penned in collaboration with the Faroese poet Marjun Syderbø Kjelnæs. Eivør calls the lyrics to the title track especially “hardcore.” The song is about war— “the wars that are going on in the world especially lately, but that have always been going on,” Eivør says, “and how to find a glimpse of light in this overwhelming darkness.” The guttural penultimate track, “Upp Úr Øskuni,” is a thrilling outlier mixing growling beatboxing with visceral throat singing (it’s certainly Eivør’s most metal moment). She considers “Upp Úr Øskuni” a beacon of female empowerment and solidarity. “I wanted to write about sisterhood and women supporting each other, and these raw female elements which are not pretty and not polite, just raw,”

Eivør says. “I wanted it to be wild and untamed. It’s quite witchy. When I wrote the song, I imagined a coven of witches from the past and the present all supporting each other, chanting to each other across the chasm of time.”

After independently releasing her music for many years, ENN marks Eivør’s debut for the metal label Season of Mist—and though her compositions sit outside of any one genre, she is happy to be embraced by the metal community. She identified a shared pagan sensibility in her television scores like The Last Kingdom. “I never felt I really fit into any box,” said Eivør. “I just have to do it my own way.” Recorded with her touring band in the Faroe Islands—where she now lives again, splitting time between her homeland and Denmark—Eivør called ENN “my most pleasurable and also most painful process. I felt that I was stepping into a place where I hadn’t been before, and that’s always scary because you don’t feel that you touch the ground. But it opens up your creativity and takes you to someplace new. It’s woven together all my experiences for the past 10 years, and it’s grounded me.”

Recording line-up

Eivør: Vocals, Guitars

Mattias Kapnas: Piano, Rhodes and Synths

Mikael Blak: Bass & Synths. Guitars on ‘Upp úr øskuni’

Per I Højgaard Petersen: Drums & Soundscaping

Strings performed by Lýra:

1st violin: Sigrún Harðardóttir

2nd violin: Sigrún Kristbjörg Jónsdóttir

Viola: Karl James Pestka

Cello: Unnur Jónsdóttir

Choir on ‘Ein klóta’: Eivør, Tróndur, Hans Mols Mortensen, Greta Svabo Beck and Fred Ruddick

Recording studio
Studio Bloch (Faroe Islands), Hljóðritið (Iceland), Jardin Acoustique (France) and in Eivør’s portable studio in various corners of the world.   

Production, engineering and recording
Produced & arranged by Eivør and Tróndur

Beat production by Eivør and Per I. Højgaard Petersen

Recorded and engineered by Theodor Kapnas at Studio Bloch (Faroe Islands)

Additional recordings and engineering by Fred Ruddick at Jardin Acoustique (France)

Strings recorded by Guðmundur Kristinn Jónsson and Gestur Sveinsson at Hljóðriti (Iceland)

Theodor Kapnas

Robin Schmidt at 24-96 Mastering

Creative direction
Eivør and Leif Podhajsky

Leif Podhajsky

Sigga Ella

Additional landscape photography by Alessio Mesiano

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