Edley ODowd Releases ‘F(OUR)WARD’ LP (Out Now via 13)


Originally released as an ultra-limited cassette release, the debut LP from the member of Toilet Boys, Psychic TV and Kylesa is OUT NOW via 13
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Edley ODowd – F(OUR) WARD
Release: February, 23, 2023
Genres: Ambient, harsh-ambient, experimental
Format: CD(Trifold Sleeve)
Label: 13
FFO: Psychic TV, Prurient, Xiu Xiu.
  1. Galactic Immersion
  2. Constance C.Craving
  3. Morgue Wheel
  4. Damn Baby
  5. Titmous
  6. Hand-Crafted Cliffs
Describing his ideas behind ‘F(OUR) WARD’, Edley ODowd notices that the combination of sound and visuals were “essential to delivering a message”- points out Edley talking about his foray into new territory.
“I wanted to create something of nightmares and bliss” explains Edley ODowd when asked to discuss the combination of visuals and sound presented on his latest solo release ‘F(OUR) WARD’ODowd, a long-time veteran of various musical scenes, has collaborated and performed with many musical luminaries (Genesis P-Orridge, Deborah Harry, Lene Lovich, Tony Conrad, Shilpa Ray), as well as being a member of Toilet BoysPsychic TVKylesa and his brand-new death rock band Scorpion Tea.
Initially released as an ultra-limited cassette release via Flesh Prison/DeathBed Tapes‘F(OUR) WARD’ is coming out in the rest of the world via 13, as an extended version featuring three bonus tracks and expanded artwork by ODowd. “I am proud to present what I consider to be the complete version of this art and music”, stresses Edley, talking about the unity of two inseparable components of his creativity. “The video clips that accompany these songs are designed to be trance-induced launchpads for the audio and vice-versa” – admits ODowd: “A world within our own, in which we can see and hear new and exciting things”. The videos accompanying the release of ‘F(OUR) WARD’ were shot on various locations in Mexico and ColombiaODowd’s goal was to present a visual environment one could listen to the music within.
“As I travel deeper into these new mediums, more and more serendipitous surprises come into view”.
‘F(OUR) WARD’ by Edley ODowd is out now via 13.
Courtesy of Edley O'Dowd (1)
Courtesy of Edley ODowd –
A long-time veteran of multiple music scenes, Edley ODowd has collaborated and performed with many musical luminaries of various genres over his 30+ years. The member of Toilet Boys and Psychic TVO’Dowd established himself as a solo-artist releasing ‘F(OUR) WARD’ (a play on words he developed with former collaborator Genesis Breyer P-Orridge who passed in 2020), in 2022.
Expect many projects from Edley in the near future, including the debut of his new band ‘Scorpion Tea’ , who are currently in the studio working on their debut release, as well as several other projects involving art and music, currently being created.