style=”text-align: center;”>Hollywood’s newest rock’n’roll firecrackers The Bites have released their new single “Squeeze” via Earache Records. With their debut single “Do Me A Favor” (released January 2023) having already sold out on 7” vinyl and reached the dizzying heights of the #1 spot on Planet Rock Radio’s airplay charts (as well as achieving playlisting across other rock radio favourites such as Kerrang! Radio and Primordial Radio), “Squeeze” is a much anticipated addition to the band’s artillery.

Hellbent on bringing back the party to rock’n’roll, The Bites bring yet another offering of breathtaking, rocket-fuelled rock with the hip-charming “Squeeze”. Frontman Jordan Tyler reveals why now is the perfect time to reveal the title track of their upcoming debut album ‘Squeeze’: “If we had to choose a song that contains all the elements of what defines The Bites as a band, without hesitation, the choice would be “Squeeze”. Whether it’s on the record or on the stage, it’s loud, packed with energy, there’s sex appeal, it’s chaotic… All of which earned us the reputation that we have. “Squeeze” definitely puts all of that into a Molotov cocktail and says ‘knock knock, we’re The Bites’.”

The single’s release is accompanied by a new music video that works as an essential whistle-stop tour of The Bites’ irresistible performance power and their band-of-brothers connection to each other as bandmates. Watch the video, directed by Theo Ellis, here.

Jordan goes on to explain the spirit behind the video: “Making the video for “Squeeze” was about as intimate as it gets. Theo Ellis, our killer director, captured us at our most genuine and natural selves. Nothing fancy, no frills or anything over the top, just showing you what the five of us can accomplish in a small space with just our instruments. I originally wanted us to be wearing full-on tuxedos, but I feel the tux T-shirts better represented us. I feel like we’d all be way out of our element trying to rock out in monkey suits!”

Primed to drop jaws with their monster hybrid of breathtaking garage rock rhythms, gargantuan choruses, unashamedly retro style and, above all, their dedication to making every live show an undeniable excuse to party, The Bites’ debut album ‘Squeeze’ will be ready for rock fans to sink their teeth into on 14th July 2023. ‘Squeeze’ resurrects the style, hop and swagger of early rock’n’roll, displaying the no-nonsense attitude of The Hives and the sheer recklessness of Mötley Crüe. Fans of new rockers Greta Van Fleet, Dirty Honey and The Struts will also delight in the emergence of The Bites.

Having watched his profile on TikTok (@jordantylerbites) blow up, with over 2.2 million likes amassed on his music-obsessing ‘Toks and classic rock covers, Jordan felt compelled to follow his true passion of creating original music and so he founded The Bites with LA drummer, producer extraordinaire and long-time friend Mark Hylander. The duo are joined by guitarists Dustin Coon and Jono Richer, and bassist Zack Currier to round out the sound.

“Putting this record, ‘Squeeze’, together, I really wanted to create something timeless. The stigma of “rock is dead” has been so blown out of proportion. All the music we grew up with from the rock legends of the 60s, 70s and 80s, we’ve heard over and over again to the point where it’s become a part of us. We want to give fans something special with ‘Squeeze’, when you hear this album in full, for the first time, hopefully it’ll give you the excitement and joy of albums that you’ve been listening to for decades. It’s gonna get in your bones, baby!” Jordan testifies.

‘Squeeze’ is available to pre-order at earache.com/thebites on limited edition cherry red vinyl, signed zebra print CD with handwritten lyric sheets and more. (The signed leopard CD edition is now sold out!)