Dying Fetus// Ingested // Live Review // Boston Music Rooms // London

When it comes to brutal death metal Dying Fetus are the undisputed kings of brutality.

Their tours in the UK might have been little over the last few years being the band last toured Europe in 2018 so the return for Dying Fetus to London has been a muchly anticipated one.

Hitting mostly Europe on this tour & festival slots a sole London date was bound to sell out. So a packed & sweaty Boston Music Rooms was in store for a show tonight!.

The mighty Manchester slam legends Ingested were the main support for the evening & a pleasure it was.

Getting to see the band in a more homely setting was great to see. They smashed it only a month ago on the Fit For An Autopsy tour so I was hoping they would be able to pull something out the bag to surprise me this time & they sure did.

One of the strongest points about Ingested has been that they can command different size crowds. Whether it’s supporting on tours & playing to a thousand people crowds or to smaller crowds like tonight with 200-500 people. If anything Ingested performs best in these intimate environments.

Seeing frontman Jason Evans manipulate the crowd in the perfect way he does is always a fantastic experience. The wretched facial expressions he beholds or his interactions with the crowd are always fun & interesting.

Opening the set with “The List” is now an Ingested staple and one of their best set openers to date. Holding no punches & gets the crowd going straight away!

Following up with “No Half Measures”, “Rebirth” & “Better Off Dead” sees this being a stack setlist from the band & keeps the pace fast & crowd participation high!

Close to the end of the set Ingested yet again delighted me with my favourite Ingested track “Invidious”. It’s always great to hear this track not only because it’s my favourite but it’s filled with so much groove & it’s a track even if you haven’t heard of Ingested you can grasp really quickly. A track that can make you an Ingested fan very quickly.

Ingested will always be the kings of the UK death metal scene. I could see them monthly & still love every minute of their performance. I just can’t wait to hear a new album & the next headline tour!

Now for the big boys Dying Fetus, and the perfect intro track for the band. Thin Lizzy’s “Boys Are Back In Town” before the band rang out & greeted a hungry, foaming at the mouth sold out packed London crowd on this hot & sweaty Friday evening.

Smashing into the ever classic “Schematics” from “Stop At Nothing” the crowd erupts into a frenzy. Only a few bars into the first song and we already have 3 crowd surfers… It’s gonna be a fun night!

Running straight into the now classics “Subjected to a Beating” &

“In the Trenches” massive staples in the Dying Fetus catalogue the crowd are loving it, circle pits, more stage divers. It’s fantastic to see the band in such a small venue, no barrier or security, just the fans giving every ounce of energy they have & the band giving it back!

Even dipping into some deeps cuts with “Atrocious by Nature” &

“Skull Fucked” shows the band aren’t just playing the hits tonight but giving the fans every shade of Dying Fetus.

Near the end of the set, the band announced they are close to releasing a new album which saw fans go crazy & cheer. Unfortunately, they didn’t play new material as they didn’t want anything leaking online but promised we would hear something soon!

Closing out the set with “Wrong One to Fuck With” & “Kill Your Mother/Rape Your Dog” is always a pleasure to see the audience chant along with the band & destroy each other during their track breakdowns.

Tonight an OG band has shown even with a legacy of over 30 years now they still have what it takes. The technical precision, brutality & the drive to still conquer the world. God bless Dying Fetus.

Joseph Mitchell


Ingested is:
Jason Evans – vocals
Sean Hynes – guitars, backing vocals
Lyn Jeffs – drums

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