DRUG CHURCH Release New Single “Myopic”

DRUG CHURCH Release New Single “Myopic”
via Pure Noise Records

U.S. Headline Tour Starts Today
w/ Prince Daddy and The Hyena, Anxious, Webbed Wing

Hygiene Out Now

In 2022 Drug Church released their highly anticipated fourth full-length, Hygiene, drawing praise from the likes of Pitchfork, NPR, The FADER, and Rolling Stone, along with landing on year-end lists from Vogue, Stereogum, SPIN, BrooklynVegan, Revolver, Bandcamp, and many more. Now hardcore’s most beloved agitators are back with a colossal new single, “Myopic.”

Out today via Pure Noise Records, “Myopic” has all of the hallmarks of Drug Church‘s instantly appealing sound: pummeling hardcore aggression, hyper-melodic guitar leads, and vocalist Patrick Kindlon’s sardonic lyrics and singular delivery. The track leans into the band’s unique ability to make distinctly outsider music that’s also welcoming and satisfying, offering even further evidence that Drug Church are simply one of the best modern guitar bands going.

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Drug Church have been touring relentlessly in support of Hygiene and today they’re setting out on a full U.S. tour with support from Prince Daddy and The Hyena, Anxious, and Webbed Wing. See full itinerary below.

On Hygiene, The Albany, Los Angeles, and Australia-based five-piece—Kindlon, guitarists Nick Cogan and Cory Galusha, bassist Pat Wynne, and drummer Chris Villeneuve—build on the most tuneful moments of their past work without losing any of the combustable hardcore energy that has made them so appealing to fans of both heavy and hooky music. Throughout the album Kindlon’s lyrics are as incisive as ever. He walks a tightrope between observation, honesty, frustration, and humor—wading into the absurdity of life; the relationships between art and the people consuming it; and the primacy of following your own path—and somehow achieves a tone that’s as blunt as it is nuanced. The result is an album that captures a band truly at the top of their game, and demands conversations and stage dives in equal measure.

Praise for Drug Church and Hygiene:

“If you have a tolerance for noise, Drug Church is the angry, exhilarating sound of right now.” – Vogue (Best Albums of 2022)

“The way Drug Church…combine classic and contemporary styles makes Hygiene all the more innovative and welcoming to fans that might not otherwise listen to hardcore.” – Stereogum (Best Albums of 2022)

“…a perfect fusion between the band’s mosh-friendly sound and Kindlon’s over-the-top lyrics” – SPIN (Best Albums of 2022)

“Toeing the line between hardcore and alt-rock and unafraid of a little pop melody, the Drug Church of Hygiene churn out chords the size of small countries and rhythms that would make even the most cynical listeners bop their heads.” – BrooklynVegan (Best Albums of 2022)

“These songs are smart but never condescending, the riffs are towering and chunky but still decidedly punk, and Kindlon’s shaky melodies are more infatuating than ever.” – Revolver Magazine (Best Hardcore Albums of 2022)

” Hygiene is heavy and hooky in equal measure, as if Cogan and Galusha’s guitars and Kindlon’s vocals are two animals locking horns with ferocity.” – Paste Magazine (Best Punk Albums of 2022)

“Drug Church get in and out and get the job done. The job: taking our minds off the deluge long enough that we can find some sanity in the lack thereof.” – Rolling Stone

Hygiene… is indebted to the 90s without retreading the same material. There’s some grunge and some alt-rock. The riffs are riffy, the grooves are groovy and everything is really chunky.” – NPR

“[Hygiene] absolutely rips…” – The FADER

Hygiene consists of clashing elements working in unlikely harmony—immediacy with aggression, pop hooks with hardcore aesthetics, a melodic foundation counterbalanced with Kindlon’s gruff, barking, sing-speak method.” – Bandcamp Daily