Documentary “Armored Saint – A Band of Brothers” UK Premiere

Documentary ‘Armored Saint – A Band of Brothers’ UK Premier

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Photo by Travis Shinn

Armored Saint – A Band of Brothers get‘s a UK premiere in Derby prior to Bloodstock Festival

Get to Quad on Thursday August 10, 2023 at 8:00pm to see this much anticipated film. A limited amount of tickets are still available HERE:

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Cathedral Quarter


Director Russell Cherrington will attend to introduce the film.

The film celebrates the 40 year career of Armored Saint and the 50 year friendship the band have shared from school in El Sereno, a Los Angeles suburb.

Many friends of the band have given interviews, James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich from Metallica tell tales of their early days touring, Scott Ian of Anthrax talks about seeing Armored Saint in 1985, Queensryche members Eddie Jackson and Todd LaTorre talk about the shared history. Key music industry figures and producers, A&R men, roadies, record label executives and family share thoughts and stories about the band’s 40 year history.

John Bush – vocals
Jeff Duncan – guitars
Phil Sandoval – guitars
Joey Vera – bass
Gonzo Sandoval – drums

12.05.23 CATTLE DECAPITATION – Terrasite (CD / LP / Digital)
19.05.23 GOZU – Remedy (CD / LP / Digital)
26.05.23 VOMITORY – All Heads Are Gonna Roll (CD / LP / Digital)
09.06.23 Y&T – Yesterday and Today Live Expanded Edition (CD / LP / Digital)
16.06.23 TROUBLE – Run To The Light Expanded Edition (CD / LP / Digital)
30.06.23 DEATH RAY VISION – No Mercy From Electric Eyes (CD / LP / Digital)
07.07.23 FATES WARNING – Disconnected (CD / DLP / Digital)
07.07.23 FATES WARNING – FWX (CD / DLP / Digital)
04.07.23 DAATH – The Hinderers (re-issue) (CD / DLP / Digital)COMING SOON
21.07.23 THE ZENITH PASSAGE – Datalysium (CD / LP / Digital)
28.07.23 NUCLEAR POWER TRIO – Wet Ass Plutonium (CD / LP / Digital)
22.09.23 CANNIBAL CORPSE – Chaos Horrific (CD / LP / Digital)
29.09.23 HARM’S WAY – Common Suffering (CD / LP / Digital)
29.09.23 ASINHELL – Impii Hora (CD / LP / Digital)
06.10.23 CAPRA – Errors (CD / LP / Digital)