Diverse Rock Crew FONZY & COMPANY Share Influences & Inspire-ado With Rock ‘N’ Load

Diverse rock crew FONZY & COMPANY will unleash their supremely captivating new EP, Touché, on Friday 17th June. The intriguing quintet will also deliver their intoxicating brand-new single and video, The Kids Stay Home, on Friday 13th May, via all platforms. The band are certainly on the rise and with that in mind, we exclusively asked the group to offer up five of their most influential tracks:


“Watch Me While I Bloom – Hayley Williams 


This song inspires me so greatly. The song has so many layers of gorgeous harmonies, melody that flows with the instrumentation, and a vocal range beyond words. I have taken inspiration especially from the harmonies that complement the instrumentation in the chorus, and the vocal dynamics that give the song it’s incredible timbre.”

Sam Bennett:

“Monkey Wrench – Foo Fighters


My influential track would have to be Monkey Wrench by Foo Fighters. Taylor Hawkins has always been such an inspiration to my playing in all my musical endeavours, but I feel that the style of playing suits so well with the musicality of what we create as a band. “

Sam Lane:

“Crawl! – IDLES

This song and this band have inspired the  energy and aggression in my playing since joining forces with Fonzy and Company.  Moving more on stage and playing more aggressively than I have before feels lifted straight from their rule book.  The bass thumps along with the drums like a freight train on speed.”

Lauren Hannah:

“Perfectly Lonely – John Mayer


At the heart of all my playing is the blues. John Mayer has influenced me no end in his melody writing and phrasing since I first picked up a guitar. It’s only right to pay homage to this in my debut solos with Fonzy & Co.”

Fonzy Armour:

“How I Pass The Time – The Muffs.


RIP Kim Shattuck. There is so much influence from this band when writing. It’s a fun, melancholy back catalogue of honest punk rock. There’s a lot of beauty in their simplicity and it’s a shame they weren’t more famous.”

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