Desolate Realm – Finnish Trad-Doom Metal Band Stream Entire New Album “Legions”

Desolate Realm – Finnish Trad-Doom Metal Band Stream Entire New Album “Legions” Via Decibel Magazine

Finnish traditional doom-metal duo Desolate Realm today share their entire second album titled “Legions”, just two days ahead of the release date set for this Friday, March 17th. 

The full album is now playing at Decibel Magazine, who commented “Like Solitude Aeternus also explored the depths (of eternal sorrow), Desolate Realm deep-dive into a well of doom influences in the closing epic “Eternal Winter.” It’s an album that feels confident and unrushed at any speed while bringing a welcome iron-fisted toughness to the doom genre.”

Listen to “Legions” here. 

“The vision for making Legions was clear from the beginning,” Desolate Realm shares with Decibel. “We wanted to introduce new elements to the band’s sound, but also make sure that the musical style doesn’t change. The music once again consists of crushing riffs, big drums and epic vocals. Slower parts sound massive and faster parts are powerful. “Forsaken Ground” and the title track are faster songs and “Revelation” shows more of the doom side. “Eternal Winter” ends the album in an epic way. Cheers to Decibel for the full album stream! Play it loud!”

Formed by members of DecayingChalice and Altar of Betelgeuze, the Helsinki-based duo combine the epic grandeur of doom-metal acts like Candlemass and Solitude Aeturnus with classic heavy-metal of Savatage and Metal Church and the mighty groove of Black Sabbath throughout eight new tracks full of epic melodies and gripping, heavy riffs. Pre-orders are now available at this location.