DEMONCY’s Black Star Gnosis Out Now on Dark Descent Records

DEMONCY’s Black Star Gnosis Out Now on Dark Descent Records

The new album from US black metal pioneers DEMONCY is out now on Dark Descent Records.

Black Star Gnosis is the band’s first album in 11 years and is now available on CD, digital, cassette, and vinyl formats. Stream and order the album at

“…DEMONCY have summoned some new demons and put them to work on an album that condenses the American’s sound down to its faith-flaying essence.” [8/10] – Blabbermouth

“Cryptic and malevolent, as an album this one feels like the first part of a trilogy, as if merely the foundation stone of something darker to come, the prospect of which is terrifying…” – Metal Noise

After more than eleven years since the release of Enthroned Is the Night, the legendary beast of DEMONCY rears its ugly head once more – in league with Dark Descent Records – and perhaps at the top of its malevolent powers. Led by illustrious founder Ixithra, their upcoming fifth album Black Star Gnosis is a true testament to constancy and vision in the name of evil.

With this new offering, DEMONCY delivers the record most sonically akin to 1999’s Joined in Darkness since the turn of the century. The primitive reverb-laden production seamlessly complements the songcraft of unfathomable darkness, resulting in an inimitable hellish soundscape unique to DEMONCY alone. The crushing compositions are accompanied by a commanding subterranean bass frequency, as well as Ixithra’s uniquely coarse vocal performances – which also bear a striking resemblance to the second album.

Black Star Gnosis was recorded and mixed by VJS at Dirge Forge. The album was mastered by Jeremie Bezier at Blackout Bruxhell. Art and design for Black Star Gnosis by Ixithra.

Black Star Gnosistracklist:

1. Across the Setian Planes

2. Ipsissimus of Shadows

3. Black Star Gnosis

4. Cosmic Curse Invocation

5. Syzygy of Unholy Trinity

6. De Mysterium Noctis

7. Performing the Ceremonies of Tragedy

8. Cosmic Curse Expulsion

9. Occultation of Typhon

Having formed in 1989, DEMONCY is among the eldest US black metal bands in existence.

Demoncy is:

Ixithra – Satanic Psalms & Sempiternal Malice

VJS – Typhonian Strings & Titan Skins

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